Sunday, June 3, 2007

A-Z's of K-12

Apple Jacks or Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries? Um, where's the fruit loops option?

Band or choir? Band geek all the way - I played the flute.

Class ring? Only one I ever wore belonged to a boy.....

Ducks or Battleships? I guess Battleship even though I sucked at it and my brother won everytime.

Earning money? Started my first job at Souplantation the day after my 16th birthday.

Favorite teacher? Couldn't say - mostly the ones that inspired me only did so because I decided I could do a better job of it and that's why I decided to become a teacher.

Go back and do over? Some of it, yep!! For the most part glad it is all over.

Home Economics? I was a member of FHA. Guessed it yet? Future Homemakers of America. I never did show up for that yearbook picture though.

Indoor recess? P.E.? I have a bad knee and always managed to get that note that excused me from PE.

Jacks or jump rope? Cinderella dressed in yella went up stairs to kiss a fella. Jump rope ruled!

Kickball or dodge ball? Kickball - less likely to get hit by the ball there.

Lunchbox? If you consider a brown paper sack a lunchbox then, YES.

Musical? I was in the band and the one highschool musical we did do I was in the pit. It was a lame little musical called "Rock On"

Number of school districts? 2 - 1 for elementary school then we moved from Oregon to California and finished my school there.

Orange or apple? Granny Smith is my all time fave - now if you have a bit of caramel dip........

Playground equipment? Monkey bars.

Quiz team or debate team? Quiz team would have been more my speed but I don't know if my school offered either of them.

Spring break? Two other girls and I went to San Francisco for the weekend once when the highschool basketball team made State - was a great excuse to go have fun!!

Team sports? Kind of hard when you're in the marching band - but I did band.

Unfullfilled dream? I should have kissed my prom date!!

Valuable? I think education is.

Walk or bus? I walked the majority of the time. Only took the bus for my 7th grade year. Living close to the school is definitely better! Then I got a car and that was the end of that. Wait I never walked home in highschool I always found "some boy" to give me a ride home.

X Country or basketball? Did I mention the bad knee and band? My brother ran X Country but if I were to pick a favorite to watch it would be basketball - my 9 year old plays and he's got some great potential!

Year? 1991

ZZZs? I don't remember every falling asleep in class. The whole drooling phobia or the red mark on the forehead.....not something I ever wanted to try to live down.

Okay, anyone else want to play along?


The Woman said...

Another Granny Smith lover! Yay!

Nice blog! Welcome by mine any time!

Anonymous said...

Great answers, fellow band geek!