Friday, June 15, 2007

Rain, rain go away

What is today's date? June 15th. In most places this would mean summer weather. I think we had summer here 2 weeks ago and that was it. It has rained for 3 days straight now. And contrary to popular belief it doesn't rain in England ALL THE TIME. And it certainly doesn't rain continuously for 3 days.

So, I wake up this morning and yep it's raining. The cat NEEDS to go out but is refusing to go. She's not that dumb. We don't have a litter box so, sucks to be her, out she goes. When I finally let her back in and nicely dried her with a towel she loudly voiced her displeasure. I've never had a cat talk as much as she does. She's a good cat though.

Okay, then off to take the monsters to school. The roads are full of water on the sides. The local pub has the fire department there pumping water out of the basement. Things aren't looking good. Most of the roads I take are uphill which just means I have to get through the lower part of the village and then it's all free and clear. To emphasis what I mean about England not getting continuous rain - in the village I drive through a man hole cover was completely popped up and sideways as water had flooded the entire area. Poor little sheep were stuck on little islands as the fields are filling with water. England gets rain - but they aren't prepared for RAIN.

I have no problems getting the children to school. Upon arrival word is a friend of ours is stranded. His car engine died on him and he's stuck at his car. Someone took his children and gave them a ride to school but he was still at his car - if someone could go back and give him a hand. Okay, so I drive this way anyway so I say I'll go get Mike. I still can't figure out why I didn't notice him on the road on my way but maybe he was behind me? I drive all the way out - no Mike. Realize they meant the other road in to the village so I go around. TOTALLY FLOODED. I backtrack around to the other side to try that direction. TOTALLY FLOODED. At this point he's on his own. If the man can be that stupid to drive his BMW through a small river and then NOT hitch a ride out with his children there isn't much more I can do for him. Honestly! Had he gotten in to the car his children hitched a ride in he could have come up to the school. He could have made phone calls AND he could have then gotten a ride the rest of the way to work, a whole 2 minutes from the school. MEN!!

Now I have to go turn the heat on. It's cold in here today!


Karina said...

Ouch...sounds like the rain is certainly causing all sorts of havoc around there. I live in New England, in the U.S., and we too have had unseasonably cold and wet weather this week. I was reading your post and thinking, yep, just like here, summer 2 weeks ago, and now's supposed to warm up this weekend though...let's hope!

Mom not Mum said...

Update - talked to our friends and the estimated repair costs for their BMW? 2,000 pounds! WHOA!! Insurance doesn't want to pay - must be a woman who works there thinking the same thing I did "well you were stupid enough to drive through it - that's what you get" lol.

ciara said...

mom not mum-was just going to say that once you get your car flooded with water you can bet your engine is GONE. he's needing the whole engine replaced i bet, eh? now who said men were smart? lmao