Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

#3 First Thirteen Songs on my Ipod

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There is pretty much ONE radio station where I live so I have to have all sorts of music on my Ipod. This way I can satisify whatever musical mood I'm in.

1. (Who Says) You Can't Have it All - Alan Jackson

2. ...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears

3. 2112 - Rush

4. 99 - Toto

5. A Bad Goodbye - Clint Black with Wynona Judd

6. A Better Man - Clint Black

7. A Change Would Do You Good - Sheryl Crow

8. A Face in the Crowd - Tom Petty

9. A Fire I Can't Put Out - George Strait

10. A Friend in California - Merle Haggard

11. A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles

12. A Little Too Late - Toby Keith

13. A Matter of Trust - Billy Joel

Who do you listen to?


Lori said...

One radio station?? Where in the heck do you live?? Happy TT!

Crimson Wife said...

Oh, I can so relate! We spent 4 years at a remote Army base in the Mojave Desert and there were only 2 radio stations. One was a lame top 40 station and the other was the Army station. That one had a couple of decent DJ's but most of the time the music stank. This was before iPods so we used to burn mix CD's to listen to in the car.

Moving Mama said...

Love the list - doesn't the music we listen to tell so much about us. Right now my playlist includes: Toddler Action Songs and the Between the Lions CD from Chic-fil-A. I'll say it for you: pathetic!

Dana said...

We pretty much have only one station where I live also. Thankfully, the love of my life, XM Radio, came with my Suburban!

jenny® said...

that's cool! i like the color of ur ipod! great list!!!

Just.Me said...

I like the variety of music. I like all types. My favorite thing is to put my ipod on shuffle and be surprised by what comes up.

Danae said...

Only one radio station? Ugh! =( Well at least you've got a good selection of tunes on the Ipod! =)

Thanks for the TT comment!! It's certainly fun having a signature pose! Although I'm sure the guys get sick of taking a million pics of us every time we go out! LOL Aw, they're good sports!

Anonymous said...

OmG, what do I listen to? I don't have time to tell ya! It changes all the time.

Thanks for sharing some of your tunes. Seacrest, out!


Christie said...

great list! love my ipod so much. i didn't do tt this week, but you did remind me that i seriously need some sheryl crow on my ipod. off to itunes i go!

Christine said...

Love the color of your Ipod!

I like to listen mostly to 80's and 80's rock, lately it's been a lot of Country, So I love everything on your list.
#12, Toby's video cracks me up!

Happy Thursday!

KayKay said...

All those songs are good ones. I hardly listen to rock 'n roll or country anymore though. I mainly listen to Christian music because it keeps me calm when I'm driving in traffi! Thanks for leaving me a comment!

FRIGGA said...

Sorry for being a day late... I'm also a dollar short! Eak.

#12 is my favorite song on your list. However - The Clash is my favorite band.

Great idea for a TT13!

FRIGGA said...

I just wanted to stop by and let you know I posted the answers to the TT13 All or Nothing Q's. It's up at Any Apples. :)