Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Senior Pranks

This morning I got the kids ready for school and Jackson headed out the door. He is the only one that rides the bus. The other two could but we enjoy the extra 20 minutes we get to sleep in and watch Sponge Bob in the morning so I drive them. I left the house and noticed Jackson still standing there with all the kids. Not unheard of as there are sometimes issues with a later driver or traffic incident. The elementary school kids were still at the bus stop too - that is a little bit more eyebrow raising. I head to the school and there are no busses at all at the school. Before you ask if there was actually school this morning, there was, that's why all the kids were waiting for the bus. I head back home and there is my son still at the bus stop. I make him get in the car and we head off to his school. It seems that the senior prank this year was to let the air out of the tires of 76 school busses. They also painted Class of 2009 on the busses, in washable paint. It seems like a harmless prank, nobody was hurt, a few kids got to be late for school - all fun right? Of course they weren't thinking about the man power that would need to be called in to get the busses operational. The checks on the vehicles to make sure they were safe to drive. It seems that harmless prank is costing around $10,000. not so harmless is it? Maybe I'm just old and ornery? I don't know.

I did not participate in a senior prank when I was in highschool. In fact I can't recall one happening my senior year - but I could be wrong. When my brother was a senior a group of his friends did pull a prank on their English teacher. At the time Trinity Broadcasting Network was a pretty small operation located not far from our house. The group of boys went over in the middle of the night and loaded up pieces of the lifesize nativity and transported them to the front lawn of their teacher's house. In the morning he woke up to his children excitedly talking about the camels, sheep and cows in the front yard. Monday morning the teacher told each class that whoever was responsible needed to remove the animals and take them back where they came from. So, in the middle of the night they went back and got the animals to return them to Trinity. As they were unloading the van the police cars pulled up and the boys got a bit worried. My mom received a phone call at 4 am that she needed to pick up her son. The broadcasting network didn't press charges but all of the boys were handcuffed to the stop sign next to the van. The best part of the story is that a month later the mom whose van they used was loading some stuff into the van and went to move all the blankets that were in the corner only to find that there was still a sheep in there. She had to drive back and return the long lost sheep to it's flock.