Monday, August 30, 2010

I've come to the conclusion

That I love my inlaws. It's been 17 years...almost 18 and you know what? They drive me crazy. They have their quirks but I actually do love them. The picture above is Stew and his brother's and sister. There is a similar picture of the "inlaws" and I'll have to put that up here when I get a copy. But really - I love that they all get along. We went to Idaho Falls for my nephew's mission farewell. He was an awkward little boy and as he grew up he had many different illness's. We were almost not sure he would be allowed to go on a mission. Yet he is at the MTC now - on his way to the Omaha Nebraska mission. As a matter of fact this was the first baptism, baby blessing, mission farewell, or wedding that the entire family was there, except for my niece who is on a mission in England so she was given a pass. All 4 Weber kids, all 4 wives and 15 of the 16 grandkids.

So, why the proclamation of LOVE? Because I've noticed lately a few friends who actually don't like their family. Or maybe that isn't it but they certainly don't go out of their way to spend time with them. Is it that my husband likes his siblings so I go? Actually, I've gone without him before so that must not be it. So, it must be because I like them too.

You might ask...where is the picture of the "parents"? Well, we spent 3 days with them and 2 of those were in the car touring Yellowstone. My conclusion on that topic might better be saved for another day. But I will say we got told off for being at Stew's brother's where that first picture was taken and not telling them we were all there. Boohoo! ;)

And some fun pictures of our trip through Yellowstone.

My father in law took this picture. Not sure what he was looking at but I guess getting everyone's head in the photo wasn't a priority.

Just some of the beautiful landscape in Yellowstone Park

The kids in Montana - the sun shines there!

The kids on the Wyoming side - apparently there is no sun there. Maybe that's why Montana gets the Big Sky name?

One of the many Bison we saw along the trip.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Just found out I can blog on my phone. Wonder if that will mean more updates? You'll probably still have to wait for me to get home from vacation.