Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Talk About Change!!!

I haven't blogged in a while and part of that is because my Mom was here visiting for two weeks. We did all sorts of things including looking at houses. Not for me but for my parents. They put their house on the market in California and we were just seeing what was out and about in Tucson. It has been on the market several times in the last 4 years but nothing ever came of it. This time they have had more people look at it in the first 2 weeks then probably the last 4 years combined. And then the offer came in. THE HOUSE SOLD! It has gone from "someday" we might come live by you in Tucson to "it looks like this is it!"

Of course we looked at house after house finding nothing up to her specifications. Single level, living room and family room, not trashed, and not squished in between 2 other houses. We might have found a couple if it were not for the "not trashed part". You do have to wonder in some of these houses how the children colored so high on the walls and if they touched the wall with dirty hands EVERY time they walked down the hallway. So, we found nothing....until.

Until what you ask? Until we walked around the corner from my house. Literally 3 houses down and one street over. An empty, brand new, smaller home. It's on a corner and the lot is huge. All of a sudden the idea of my mother moving in to a home that I can see from my back yard got a little crazy. 7 hours is the closest we have ever lived to family (oh wait at USU we were 2 hours from my sister in law.) Obviously in England we were an Ocean away. This is walking distance. Exciting and scary all at the same time. No offers have been made though as they are waiting for the sale of their home to be finalized. It should be an interesting couple of weeks ahead of us.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yes - I know I'm 4 days late. That seems to be the trend lately. We had a fantastic 2 weeks off just hanging out with the kids and working on things around the house. I guess we were so happy not going to school and work that we figured we would skip it today. Well, almost. I managed to wake up 5 minutes before Jackson needed to be on the bus and 25 minutes before the other 2 needed to be to school. Great start!

I'm also a bit late with the goal setting. Not really sure what goals I have. I know I would like to lose weight - this has been a goal 4 years running...so far with no success. I suppose if I was out walking the dog instead of sitting here in my jammies while he is sleeping on the floor next to me that might help.

So, before the day gets away from me and it's time to get the kids from school I suppose I better get on that walk.