Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yes - I know I'm 4 days late. That seems to be the trend lately. We had a fantastic 2 weeks off just hanging out with the kids and working on things around the house. I guess we were so happy not going to school and work that we figured we would skip it today. Well, almost. I managed to wake up 5 minutes before Jackson needed to be on the bus and 25 minutes before the other 2 needed to be to school. Great start!

I'm also a bit late with the goal setting. Not really sure what goals I have. I know I would like to lose weight - this has been a goal 4 years far with no success. I suppose if I was out walking the dog instead of sitting here in my jammies while he is sleeping on the floor next to me that might help.

So, before the day gets away from me and it's time to get the kids from school I suppose I better get on that walk.