Monday, December 13, 2010

Band & Choir Concert

This past week Jared and Jordan had their first choir and band concert. I wasn't really looking forward to the band part of it but they didn't do too bad.

Jared plays the clarinet and he likes it so far. I hope he sticks with it because I think it will be a great activity for him. He's not really a sports kid so band is good.

There is still a bit of squeaking but it's a reed instrument and I know nothing about that. I played the flute starting in the 4th grade through all of highschool. No breaking reeds or cork grease or any of that stuff - so Jared is pretty much on his own.

Jordan is in choir. She loves singing and even more than that I think she likes the extra hour she gets during the week to hang out with her best friend Isabelle.

I have to give a shout out to the Glade's for taking pictures and actually putting them online. My camera is still in the car so who knows when the pictures I took will come off the memory card.