Monday, June 27, 2011

Absent Blogger

Have you ever just had so much to say that you just couldn't blog? I promise I will get to some of our events over the last few months.
Jordan had her first piano recital. She really loves playing the piano.

Jared graduated from the 5th grade. I do have a picture somewhere, but it must be on the other computer. Strange....but here is a picture of a play he put on with his class the day before promotion. They wrote the whole play as a class and they all performed in it. He had a great time.

Jackson graduated from the 8th grade. I am not sure how this happened at all!! Just last week he was holding his friend Jenna's hand as they nervously walked in to Desert Willow Elementary for kindergarten and NOW he will be headed to highschool!!

Right after all of those graduations we headed to Minnesota for a friends wedding. While there I crossed off one item from my bucket list and we went to The Mall of America. The kids had a great time at Nickelodeon world and I walked the entire mall. I am pretty sure it was the first time I ever got a blister on my foot while walking at the mall.

We then went to Colorado Springs. Once again - pictures are not on the computer yet so I guess I will have to add those later.

At this point I think we were home for ONE week and then the boys headed to scout camp. Stew went with so Jared could go to camp this year and Jackson was all set for his second year. They all had a great time and Jared ended up getting 8 merit badges!! Jackson got a few as well and they are both well on their way to advancing in rank. Jared shared a tent with his friend Ethan and they had a great time!!

While the boys were camping Jordan and I went to California to spend some time with my parents. We had fun enjoying cooler weather and going to Disneyland. We stayed with my cousin and I had to get a picture of Jordan on his bike.

The travelling didn't stop there. My mom, Jordan and I then drove to Colorado Springs again. I am pretty sure I don't want to be in the car for more than an hour - and I have to say that because it takes that long just to go grocery shopping some days ;) - for quite a while. In a two week period I drove 7 hours to California and then 7 hours back to Tucson. 6 1/2 hours to Albuquerque and then 6 hours to Colorado Springs and then three days later in reverse.

I would like to think the rest of the summer will be a bit more relaxed but I'm pretty sure that just the opposite is in store for me. I'll keep you posted!