Friday, September 19, 2008

Hot for the Holidays Week 2

Hot for the Holidays

So this week I am down another 1.2 lbs. I've been eating better and trying to be more active. It's mostly the better eating I think!

Okay 10 things on my lifes to do list.

1. Go to Washington D.C. Yep, I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower but I haven't been to our nations capital.

2. Go on a Medeteranian cruise. This would have been easier when we were in England but such is life.

3. I know it isn't technically my life but the next 3: Help my boys get their Eagle in Scouts. One is 11 and the other is 9.

4. Have two boys go on missions for the church.

5. Have all 3 kids married to fantastic spouses.

6. Back to travel. I would love to go to Egypt.

7. I used to think I didn't want to go to the Great Wall of China but you know I think it would actually be really cool.

8. Lose weight! Also in this I want to be supportive in my husbands goal to lose weight as his is actually a serious need.

9. Go back to school. I think I would like to get my masters in reading.

10. Learn how to cook a gourmet meal.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Search Has Ended!

Well, because of my cheapness I found a different table - a totally different table. It was purchased today along with 6 chairs.

I think this one will actually go better with the kitchen and I WAS going to try to get away from the whole "country kitchen" look so this should do it. Plus my friend Ellen would complain about the fact I live in the Southwest and then didn't have furniture that was correct for the area we live - or something like that. I do have to say that for the table and 6 chairs we spent 1/3 of what the other table and chairs were.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot For the Holidays

I've joined up with Baby Tea Leaves and her weight loss plan to get us all hot for the holidays. Today was the first weigh in and I am down 2.2 lbs. Hopefully I can keep this going! The hubs is on a pretty strict diet as well so that should help both of us. Of course the difference is I want to lose a dress size or two and he would like to live for another year or two. (Okay not THAT drastic but he does need to make changes)

Christie also wants to know what legacy we want to leave. I want to be remembered as someone who was fun. Someone who wasn't afraid to dance in the kitchen with the kids or sing at the top of my lungs in the car. There is so much time to be serious but I think it is important that I teach my kids that sometimes you just need to laugh and have fun.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

In Search of

The Perfect Table. That has been my most recent quest. Tables come in all shapes and sizes but most of them so far are either too tall, too small, too formal, too ugly, too big, too square, too oval, too long or my favorite - too expensive. I also have complaints about the finish, the wood, the pedestal, the table legs, the way the chair hits my shoulder blades. Being a mom has also ruined some of my choices. I have no desire for a built in lazy susan in the middle of my table that could only be used to fling food around the room. Do you think the person that designed that also thought about what would happen if you spilled milk on the table? Isn't it going to go right through the space between the table and the lazy susan? And then lets talk about grooves. They are not so groovy I have to say. I keep picturing myself trying to get frosting, crumbs, juice, who knows what out of the grooves in the table. And then there are the chairs. Is rattan really a good option with children? Doesn't that just seem like a crumb catcher? What happens when that same glass of milk that is headed for the lazy susan changes direction and heads right towards the rush seats? Oh, these also come in a fabric of my choice? Let me repeat the ages of my children 6, 9, and 11. Let's get serious here.

I have narrowed a few things down - this is a table for the kitchen. The breakfast nook is round - requiring a round table. To adequately seat our family without elbows, knees, or fingertips touching it needs to be a 60" table. I'm currently leaning towards this one:
But with this chair
Did I mention I'm sort of cheap though? UGH!!

If you're curious this is the space it will go into: