Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Wave or Tunnel Vision?

Every morning when I drop my kids off at school I pass by a few moms I know. Depending on who is on time or ahead of time or running late it could be coming or going. As we pass there is usually a wave. I am a waver. (And when I say waver I don't mean in the sense that I peg my pants and listen to New Order.) If I know what kind of car you drive I can pretty much spot it from a good distance and I will give you a wave as we pass. Some people are so intent on their driving or listening to their talk radio or something that they just seem to have driving tunnel vision. I have a friend who I used to pass on a regular basis when we were on a small military base in England. I could practically run in to her and she wouldn't even turn her head - she just wouldn't see me. I wonder if maybe she is just more focused and I'm more.....what was I saying?

Sometimes I drive my husband's car and I still wave and then I have to remember...they don't know it's me. It doesn't stop me from waving. Have I ever waved at someone and then realized "oops, wrong person"? Yes, but it doesn't bother me. Everyone needs a wave.

In England I did a lot of waving. The roads are small and you often need to share one lane with cars going both ways. As you signal to let the other person go ahead you wait for the pass and it is standard that you wave. A quick lift of the hand off the steering wheel to just say "thanks" or "you're welcome". You don't see that kind of hand gesture here too often. We're pretty quick to raise the hand but it's more often in the "would you get out of my way!" shake of the fist...unless you're being a bit more naughty.

I will continue my wave. I will continue to hope that you wave back. And for those of you that do...thanks.