Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dirty Jobs

My kids and I love to watch the show "Dirty Jobs" and it got me thinking about different jobs I've had. Actually, cheese is what really got me thinking. Cheese? Cheese makes you think about jobs? Well, I was at the grocery store the other day, buying cheese, as you probably figured. As I picked up the package I had to give it a look over before putting it in my cart. Making sure the cheese had been sealed correctly in its package and that it isn't noticeable that it was spliced together from other pieces of cheese so that it makes the correct weight. All of this comes from a result of working for 4 months in the worst job I ever had.

I've worked at a restaurant as a hostess, at an insurance company as a file clerk, I've rented cars and I've rented rooms. I've also taught 7th graders and that could be argued as a dirty job all on it's own. However, none of those required a white apron and a hair net. I also never came home from any of those other jobs smelling like cheese. I'm pretty sure that qualifies as icky. I love cheese - but I don't want to smell like it.

Have you ever had a "dirty job"? Do you still have nightmares of conveyor belts moving faster than you can work? Not in a fun "stuff your mouth full of chocolates like Lucy and Ethel" but 8 oz blocks of cheese that just keep piling up? One of those jobs that just makes you happy that you have moved on in life and you aren't stuck in a white apron and hair net?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th

On September 9th I took my husband to the airport for his first international business trip. Our two boys and I walked him all the way up to the gate. We sat and watched airplanes taking off and landing as we waited for his turn to board the plane and head off across the world. The trip was scheduled for two weeks but the others that had travelled before shrugged it off saying they always came home early. He boarded the plane after hugs and kisses and was off.

Two days later as I was still in bed my phone rang. My mother simply said to turn on the tv. I watched in horror as they replayed what had happened and like much of the world sat in shock as ANOTHER plane hit right as we were watching. Neighbors came home from work. Others picked up their children from school and many travelled to be closer to family...and further away from the Air Force Base near by. Nearing afternoon I got a quick phone call from my husband. He just simply stated he was fine, they were safe. I asked if he had heard and he made no comments on the situation. Two hours later someone from his office locally called to also tell me the men overseas were all safe. I also had made several phone calls ensuring the safety of friends that live in New York. All were safe, one was even in the hospital delivering her first child.

Living in an Air Force town with an airport as well the skies are always busy. It was quiet. For days it was quiet and then one morning there was a plane. It was early and I walked outside to see the airplane flying East. As I looked down the street I could see many of my neighbors also standing silently - watching the plane fly through the beautiful blue sky. Life was slowly turning back to normal - or at least the sky was.

Six weeks after 9/11 my husband returned. As we went to the airport to pick him up there was no going to the gate. There was no sitting and watching planes land while others were taking off. We stood downstairs waiting for him to walk down the stairs. My boys were 2 and 4 and the two year old took off running at the sight of his dad. He crossed the "do not enter" area and put some security personnel in a bit of a panic. Fortunately others were very understanding that he was just a little boy who missed his daddy.

For three more years my husband travelled. He was often gone for 4-6 weeks only to come home for two weeks and be gone again. He doesn't wear a uniform. He doesn't fly airplanes or fight in battles at the front lines. He stands along side many like himself - his uniform is most often a pair of Levi jeans and an In-n-Out t-shirt. The average Engineering Geek. However, he is not average - he is clearly above average. And to him and all of the others that we do not see, do not hear about, perhaps we don't even know they exist. I say thank you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lame Insults

My ex sister in law sent my mother a nasty letter yesterday. She included many things that were bothering her about my mom, my brother's second wife and then she got to me. She was ironing out the "roles" she thinks that we all should be playing in her son's life. My nephew is 16. I was sort of looking forward to my name coming up in the letter. Wondering what she was going to say about me. I was sadly disappointed. This was ALL she could come up with:

Other roles that may be of concern to you:
Sandy- Aunt, not to be confused with someone who’d hand my husband dishes so he didn’t have to go back into the kitchen after he was done cleaning up. I won’t go into being a good guest, but I will say that I doubt Steve wore a butler’s uniform during your visit.

Really? The worst she could come up with was the fact I handed her husband a plate as he was headed to the kitchen? I do NOT know how I will go on in life knowing this was said about me.