Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dirty Jobs

My kids and I love to watch the show "Dirty Jobs" and it got me thinking about different jobs I've had. Actually, cheese is what really got me thinking. Cheese? Cheese makes you think about jobs? Well, I was at the grocery store the other day, buying cheese, as you probably figured. As I picked up the package I had to give it a look over before putting it in my cart. Making sure the cheese had been sealed correctly in its package and that it isn't noticeable that it was spliced together from other pieces of cheese so that it makes the correct weight. All of this comes from a result of working for 4 months in the worst job I ever had.

I've worked at a restaurant as a hostess, at an insurance company as a file clerk, I've rented cars and I've rented rooms. I've also taught 7th graders and that could be argued as a dirty job all on it's own. However, none of those required a white apron and a hair net. I also never came home from any of those other jobs smelling like cheese. I'm pretty sure that qualifies as icky. I love cheese - but I don't want to smell like it.

Have you ever had a "dirty job"? Do you still have nightmares of conveyor belts moving faster than you can work? Not in a fun "stuff your mouth full of chocolates like Lucy and Ethel" but 8 oz blocks of cheese that just keep piling up? One of those jobs that just makes you happy that you have moved on in life and you aren't stuck in a white apron and hair net?


stacey said...

I'll nominate Norm-
He worked at the BYU dairy milking cows post-mission and was working there when we met. He had to herd the cows to the barn and then hook them up to the milking machines. He had a sweatshirt that he'd wear to work in that years later after many washings still smelled like manure to me. I guess I knew it was love when I could stand the smell of him after he got off work ;)

Mindi said...

Strawing down cows in the winter for my grandpa's dairy. That has to beat the cheese! After it would snow, it would leave the cows pens all wet and muddy so we would have to go lay down the straw to give them a dry place to be. Talk about smelling!! It was not just mud you were stepping in!

Andi said...

Crap jobs... the best learning experience on how to work hard. Freshman year at BYU I worked as a dishwasher at DT towers. No one had any appreciation for who was behind that plastic curtain!! I was envious of the people who got to work in the bakery and frost cookies for their entire shift. I've done lots of others... including certain teaching jobs. Nothing like trying to get kids to not smoke during your fieldtrip (or make-out behind the school bus). :)

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

Fine - I guess those that worked with the cheese "producer" win. And I totally agree with Andi on the learning experience.

Midwest Mommy said...

I had no idea cheese was so complicated.

Christopher-Gaspar said...

So many crap that I could list. I'm definitely not nostalgic for all those horrible jobs I've had.


Gerb said...

I interpreted in a class that was taught in a slaughterhouse. For reals. They were teaching them how to properly slaughter the animals. I wore rainboots and a new $1 Store poncho every time I went. Even thinking about it makes me sick. Man, what I would do for a buck way back when!

Belladonna said...

I LOVE this post!

I've had many different jobs...quite a few of the not so glamourous type:

1) Assembling CB anntenas in a factory
2) Resturaunt dishwasher
3) telephone solicitor
4)standing outside a health spa with a sign that said "free month pass" and waving at cars

AFTER getting my education I had different sorts of jobs that were difficult, challenging, or painful in their own ways:

5) juvenile probation officer
6) HIV/AIDS intervention worker
7) private consultant in a women's prison
8) caregiver training coordinator

Probably the job I've had that I've loved the most has been teaching. But I'll stick with college. After one brief year of subbing in elementary and middle school I'd have to agree with you. Teaching 7th graders could definitely be considered a DIRTY JOB!