Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lame Insults

My ex sister in law sent my mother a nasty letter yesterday. She included many things that were bothering her about my mom, my brother's second wife and then she got to me. She was ironing out the "roles" she thinks that we all should be playing in her son's life. My nephew is 16. I was sort of looking forward to my name coming up in the letter. Wondering what she was going to say about me. I was sadly disappointed. This was ALL she could come up with:

Other roles that may be of concern to you:
Sandy- Aunt, not to be confused with someone who’d hand my husband dishes so he didn’t have to go back into the kitchen after he was done cleaning up. I won’t go into being a good guest, but I will say that I doubt Steve wore a butler’s uniform during your visit.

Really? The worst she could come up with was the fact I handed her husband a plate as he was headed to the kitchen? I do NOT know how I will go on in life knowing this was said about me.


Gates Family said...

I LOVE reading about your family drama. It's way too funny. You are amazing!!

Edna Lee said...

Don't ya just HATE it when you get left outta all the good stuff!?!

I agree that your insult was certainly sub-par. Sorry. I would have done a better job.

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

You know I'm glad I'm smart enough to figure out who Edna is. Must be that English degree I have. There is a word for those kind of words....Edna turning in to something else. Hmmmmm.