Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day...Everyone Loves Flowers

I have been married for over 18 years and I can count on one hand the number of times I have gotten flowers from my husband. A friend on facebook today shared her husbands lack of flower giving and it got me to thinking that she is not alone.

About 9 years ago I received the first of the few flowers. Yep, took him 9 years to buy me flowers. Not a big deal since several of the previous years flowers were definitely not in the budget. Well, anyway, he was out of the country on a business trip and a bouquet of flowers arrived. I can not remember if it was Valentine's Day or Mother's Day but I remember exactly what I said to my neighbor. "Stew is in England with Mark who probably bought flowers for his wife and told Stew to buy me some too." So, Stew comes home and guess who was right? Yep!!!

The next time he bought me flowers they were "I'm sorry" flowers. It was a ridiculous bouquet of flowers and I don't even want to know how much he spent on them. They would have looked better at the front of a church for a funeral or wedding than in our living room. It was like an advertisement to anyone that entered our home that he had ticked me off and was seriously trying to recover.

While out with a girlfriend one afternoon we stopped in a shop with some beautiful flowers. She picked some and so did I. As we were walking to pay she stopped and said she wasn't going to buy them because it was Valentine's Day the next day and her husband would probably buy her some. We both discussed how I was pretty safe to buy flowers since it was doubtful I would receive any. We were right.

Last year I was at my mom's for my birthday and amazingly some roses showed up. They were beautiful. I was actually quite shocked but enjoyed them. Roses are nice and I know they are the favorite flower for a lot of people - especially red roses.

Well, today is Mother's Day and yesterday I got my 4th bouquet of flowers. This time I was even more surprised. This time they were tulips. I am still wondering if he honestly KNOWS that tulips are my favorite or it was just luck. Either way I have a beautiful bouquet of tulips on my counter. Thanks Stew!!!!