Friday, September 19, 2008

Hot for the Holidays Week 2

Hot for the Holidays

So this week I am down another 1.2 lbs. I've been eating better and trying to be more active. It's mostly the better eating I think!

Okay 10 things on my lifes to do list.

1. Go to Washington D.C. Yep, I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower but I haven't been to our nations capital.

2. Go on a Medeteranian cruise. This would have been easier when we were in England but such is life.

3. I know it isn't technically my life but the next 3: Help my boys get their Eagle in Scouts. One is 11 and the other is 9.

4. Have two boys go on missions for the church.

5. Have all 3 kids married to fantastic spouses.

6. Back to travel. I would love to go to Egypt.

7. I used to think I didn't want to go to the Great Wall of China but you know I think it would actually be really cool.

8. Lose weight! Also in this I want to be supportive in my husbands goal to lose weight as his is actually a serious need.

9. Go back to school. I think I would like to get my masters in reading.

10. Learn how to cook a gourmet meal.

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Christie O. said...

Great list and man, congrats on the loss this week!!

I too long to have my kids get married to good spouses too. I hope they can find them some good girls, I worry about that all the time!