Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hay Fever

Ugh! You see that picture of those sheep over there? I took that picture. Those sheep live right down the street from my house. All of that green grass? THAT lives all over. What isn't regular grass in a field is hay. If you don't know - it is June and apparantly the perfect time for cutting down the hay and baling it!

I am miserable. My eyes are red and watery. My nose is running. My throat is dry. I am in allergy hell! I take some pill that the hubby swears by. Apparantly his idea of 24 hours and my idea are not the same. I took the pill at 9am. It is 4:19 pm - my eyes are watering and I'm about to sneeze. Maybe my math is off but I don't think that is 24 hours at all!!


alisonwonderland said...

that's no fun! i used to have bad hay fever when i lived in idaho - so i know how miserable you feel! :(

Christine said...

Found my way here via Allison,and read your profile that you are on you'll be on your way back to AZ.
I'm near PHX. I read your T13, those are all funny. The jacket potatoe one is really silly. :)
Stop by when you have time.
It's nice to meet you.