Friday, June 8, 2007

Growing Up!

My baby is growing up. It is pretty funny to me that we have reached a lot of milestones in the past year but this one really brings it all home. She started school this year, somehow I survived taking my 3rd child to school and leaving her there for 7 hours everyday. In fact I almost celebrated it. She has also learned to read. She loves it and she's quite a good little reader. The other day she even learned how to tie her own shoes. Wonderful little milestones for a 5 year old.

So, what is it that has happened that just brings the fact that she is growing up to reality? THE TEETH! She turned 5 in February and here she is having lost both bottom teeth and adult teeth have already replaced them. And then she goes and loses the top tooth. While I still think she's dang cute I know what is to come. She no longer looks like a "little" girl. Those gigantic adult teeth are going to come in and then we enter the awkward stage. You know the look - teeth bigger then your whole head! The look that says "hey I'm not a baby anymore".

Hopefully being the first to lose your teeth in your whole entire school class will be it. I suppose this is better than being the first one to need a bra, right?


Moving Mama said...

Thanks for visiting me blog :) I can totally relate to this teeth thing. My 5 year old updates me everyday with who has lost their teeth in school. You forget what is a big deal at that age. Your post about the party tore at my's so hard feeling like the duck out of water. I have been in that position soooooo many times!

Em said...

Love the missing tooth...what a cute photo!

Anonymous said...

I was the first one to wear a bra. Sigh.

alisonwonderland said...

what a cutie!