Friday, June 22, 2007

And The Medal Goes To.....

Yesterday was sports day at school for the boys. *Jordan's is today. It was a great day. I have one very athletic boy and one, not so much. Jackson loves competing, he loves sports, he just enjoys being outside. Jared would prefer to sit on the couch and watch Sponge Bob. They had a series of events and since they are in seperate grades it kept me busy running from one end of the field to the other. Jackson did great. He had one melt down when he stopped short in the hurdles race - he was ahead even. I did hear them being VERY specific as to where the finish line was after that. He received a first place in the nerf javelin throw at 18.5 meters, 2nd place in the long jump, 3rd in the 75 meter and another 2nd place but I couldn't tell you in what. He also came in as a VERY close 4th place 150meter runner.

Jared, on the other hand, just participated. He is a good kid and doesn't seem at all bothered that he didn't place in anything. He was quite happy with the 5 "I'm a good sport" stickers he recieved to decorate his hat. He IS a good sport. Not once did he complain about any of it. He finished every race and event and I'm very proud of him. When they did the hurdles I was dying though. Seriously, these are small hurdles, just a tiny jump over them. Then Jared gets up there and MAN my kid is short. They looked like proper hurdles for him - he had to really get a good momentum going just to leap over them. He did just fine though.

When the events finished we had a closing ceremony. Points were awarded to each house - yep just like in Harry Potter. Each time someone wins or places in an event those points go towards the house points. My boys are in Rutland and they came in 2nd! They also award overall athletes. It always amazes me when you see one child stand up covered in first place ribbons. Oh how it would be to be good at EVERYTHING. LOL The headteacher gave this speech about how they are all winners and we giggled in the back about how American that is. Of course I whisper to my friend that if they were all winners Jared wouldn't be covered in "I'm a good sport" stickers. LOL I'm a horrible mom, it's true.

Then the headmistress tells all the children they can go home with their parents. Oh wait, if you need to take the bus home stand up, also those going to afterschool care. LMAO She seriously should have just said "so for those of you who have parents who didn't show up to support you could you all stand up so we can see who you are!"

The best part of the day was when I got the boys together and Jackson took some real interest in Jared and his "I'm a good sport" stickers. He could have gone on and on about the events he placed in - instead he focused on his little brother and told him that he must have done really well to get so many stickers. How this happened when they come from such a sarcastic mother I don't know -but hooray for them!!

I'm off now - have to watch Jordan skip rope. She's been practicing for days so I hope she does well.

*Sports Day has been cancelled - DARN RAIN!!! We'll try again next Tuesday.

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Christine said...

That's cool that Jackson was being such a great older brother in making his younger brother feel special.