Thursday, May 17, 2007

If I were 15

If I were 15 I would stand at the top of my stairs and scream down at my mother that she in fact does not know EVERYTHING.

If I were 15 I would roll my eyes at her from across the living room when she tells me I don't "have to pack that much; I can do laundry once I'm there" as if I am not 34 years old and haven't figured that out myself by now.

If I were 15 I would go up to my room and slam the door just to prove that I am annoyed with her.

However, I am not 15 so I do none of these things - but oh some days I wish I could!! My mom is here for 2 1/2 weeks. We are great friends, we get along wonderfully. Sometimes though she must seriously forget that I am not 6 years old. I shouldn't complain really, should I? She cooks, she cleans, she does laundry, she does all the things that I don't do. It's just that tone she gets in her voice sometimes that makes me want to throw a screaming tantrum like I did when I was a teenager. I will really, really try to resist though!


ciara said...

i can understand where you are coming from. my parents helped me to raise my oldest (who'll be 20 nxt mo) for about 10 years and i was constantly told how to 'mother'. then when i married my x i was told how to 'mother' my son some more and even after i had two more kids. and if i stood up to her and told her to stop, she would start arguing with me. i'm sorry, but just cuz she's a neat freak, conservative, and made me a not so independent person doesn't mean i'm going to be like that. spent my whole life telling myself that i would NOT be like my mother. i had my parents live with me once when my x first live and they drove me crazy...especially after new mgmt took over at my dad's work and he was out of a job. not easy supporting 6 ppl on making around 10-12 dollars an hr on top of being told how i should clean, mother, etc. i loved the independence i finally gained after my x showed me that i was stronger than i thought it was. anyways, go ahead and throw that tantrum girl! lol i probably would :)

MarmiteToasty said...

ROTFLMAO@your post lol......... mums aye........ glad I dont have the hassle lol


Anonymous said...

It's funny how your mother can instantly make you feel like you are 15 again.

I hope this time passes QUICKLY!

Elle said...

HMmmm and to think; this will be you soon someday repeating history.