Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Haircut!

So let me preface by saying that I have lived in England for 2 years and 10 months and since moving here I have not had a proper haircut. I have had a trim here or there but not regular upkeep and definitely nothing you would call a haircut. Let's add on top of all of this that I have not had "bangs" or "fringe" as they are known here in the UK in a good 8 years. I have had various degrees of length but I gave up the bangs quite some time ago. Fast forward to yesterday. After 2 years and 10 months I finally make an appointment to have my haircut. AND I tell her - I would like long layers and maybe some "fringe". I make sure and specify I don't want fringe like my friend "M" while we both agree it looks fine on her I'm not ready to go back to the hairstyle I had in the 9th grade.

I probably need to also include that I got my hair cut in her kitchen. She is an American and cuts the hair of almost every family I know. So, the kitchen has no mirror so you can't really say - "um, I think that's a bit too short" as she's snipping your locks off.

We chat, she cuts, we chat some more, she cuts some more. Then comes the blow dry and style and I'm done. It isn't exactly what I had in mind but then again I've been dealing with this my whole life. I have "thin, white girl hair" most any style I chose is for someone that has a bit more hair on their head. I thank her and tell her it's perfect and off I go. The more I look at it the more unsure I am. The more people that I run in to that say "oh you got your haircut" without including "it looks really good" the more I wonder if I made a mistake.

The good thing is it IS hair and hair grows.


Elle said...

I think it looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

you look MAHvelous, darling.

And I have the same problem - thin, white girl hair. And I lose more and more of it as I get older.

It's a nice cut on you, TRULY!

ciara said...

lol @ 'thin, white girl hair' funny, as i use that 'white girl' thing with my youngest when she dances. she catches on with the moves, but doesn't have the rhythm that her sister does. btw...both my girls have 'k' names as i noticed all of your children have 'j' names. my oldest is a 'b' but his middle name is maybe that counts?? anyways, i loved this story, and the last thing you said on this entry is something marmite says, too...did u read her haircut story? lol hope it's ok i can visit ur blog on occasion as well...enjoying it. hmmm arizona, are u ready to go back to the heat? i lived in las vegas for 21 yrs prior to moving out here to no cali. i tell ya, sometimes i actually MISS the heat (and the fact allergies don't act up there)lol