Friday, July 13, 2007

Yet Another Performance

It sure seems like a lot of my recent posts have been about my children and their drama productions. Jared is in drama club at school and he had a competition last night so we went to the theater and watched 4 plays. Jared's play was called The Happy Prince and the next group performed Daniel. I could go off right now about the school's drama teacher also being the director of the group that performed Daniel and how much more she puts in to that group but she's leaving the school so I'll leave it at that. The third group was a small group of 7 girls that did a fairly depressing play on school bullies.

The last one was called "A Real Happy Meal". It was an unbelievable bash of McDonald's performed by 9 and 10 year olds. They covered it all even the 12 year old girls in China making $5 a day to make your toy that you throw away the very next day. I think the best part was when they said "this box doesn't make you happy it gives you diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease!" I just don't think a junior drama competition is the place for some person to spout off on their hatred of McDonalds. LOL The funniest part was that Dh actually left the theater for the last act because he was hungry and WENT to McDonalds.

They also made a jab at American's and their adding of artificial sweeteners that cause cancer. LOL They put the DIE in diet coke ya know.

When we were leaving Jackson said it was all funny because it wasn't true. Ah what a child who lives in the age of television - can't tell fact from fiction - crap! I'll just go buy him a Happy Meal, that will solve it all.


Inga said...

Ha Ha Ha! The DIEt Coke! That is exactly why I dont drink Diet anything. It is so sweet the innocence of little children.

Moving Mama said...

I'll post right after I take another sip of my Coke.

ciara said...

that's hilarious bout the jab at artificial sweetners when they have some of the most fat-laden food over there lol i prob woulda went to mickey d's, too...i can't drink the diet, i have reactions to the stuff...but ummm wasn't the cancer-causing sweetner back in the 'early' days? lol it's like hello...carcinogens are everywhere lol