Friday, July 6, 2007

Starring Jackson as........

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This week Jackson was in a musical at his school. Their class did a very short rendition of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat where Jackson played Judah. He did try out for the part of Joseph but he isn't much of a singer and he needs to work on his stage presence. The part of Joseph actually went to a girl. I think they did a fantastic job. We were treated to 3 productions. All of year 5 did Joseph, one of the year 6 classes did a short bit of Grease. And let me tell you we were all pleased that Greased Lighting makes the chicks scream. It's still a bit weird to hear 11 year olds singing about getting friendly down in the sand. The last group of year 6's did a bit from The Boyfriend.
While the last 2 were good Joseph REALLY outdid them. Jackson's class year is full of girls with very nice voices. The year 6 girls are just average. I took a video with my digital camera but it just doesn't do any of it justice.

Had we figured out that our video camera wasn't working BEFORE the lights went out we could have taken a decent video. Lesson learned and next time we'll give it a test shot before the play begins.

A group of the teachers also performed in the middle. It was quite comical as they all came out dressed as nuns and sang My Favorite Things. Which of course include when the bell rings, our children go home, and a bottle of wine. LOL

Saw this on another blog - hmm I think I have a spelling problem. Now if I could get my sentence structure back up. LOL


Moving Mama said...

I can't wait for the school plays in our future - It's funny that they did Grease, such an American film!

Em said...

Ah, nothing like a school play to bring out the video cameras! That is often the only time ours comes out of the camera bag. LOL

dawn said...

I have taken the kids to drama camp. Always a good time. I love watching them do their parts, there is that puffed up chest thing going on when I watch them. I got 87% when I did the test, I guess I got one wrong. Good for you to get 100%

Anonymous said...

Oh my..I loved this post. I really miss directing kids in shows like this.

I'm glad you are feeling the love from your kids in this way! Thank for sharing, chiklet!


Christine said...

I can't wait until my little ones get a little older and put on a school play.

Loved your video. School plays are always fun to watch.

I'm blaming the Heat. I only got 73% right. I'm going to have to go back and retest.

ciara said...

my bleedin quick time is not working :( the play sounds cute tho. i'm a bit afraid to take the blogger spelling test. i pride myself on thinking i am a master at spelling, would hate to be proved wrong lol

Christie O. said...

how cute is that!!! i love kids plays, when mine is in one i am going to look like such a fool waving at my son from the audience and embarrassing the crap out of him i just know it. such cute video! love it!

Annette Lyon said...

That clip brought me back to my own Joseph days when I was a teen! How fun for your son.