Monday, July 16, 2007

Wow - I'm Honored!

I am a pretty new blogger and I'm trying my best to get around and read new blogs and make some connections. Sometimes I feel a bit odd wondering if I should comment when it's a blog with hardly any comments or noticing it's a blog with several people who are friends IRL. But hey this is sort of like my normal life. Standing on the outside wondering if I should join the circle. Guess what - I did join the circle and NOW I have been rewarded. Moving Mama has awarded me with a
Most people use the pink badge but I am going to use the one that Moving Mama used since she is the one that tagged me!

Normally you tag 5 other rockin' girl bloggers but I went through my list and so far it looks as if a lot of people have been tagged. Moving Mama released me from that contract anyways - knowing the badge has already been around a bit. So I will tag:

AlisonWonderland - Because she was one of the first people I found and she inspires me to get back to reading more!

Ciara - when she DOES post she makes me laugh. Especially her latest story about her son's musical taste.

If I come across anymore I'll add them to the list.

If you want to see how all of this Rockin’ Girl Blogger thing started, click here.
If you want to see who put together this alternative Rockin’ Blogger badge, click here.


Robin said...

Congratulations Mom! Well earned. And well done to Jordan too on the reading.

My son is 6.5 and is oh so not interested, a source of ongoing wonder and frustration to his book loving mama. (He has private English reading lessons and balks each week. Hebrew he won't start learning until this year. They don't teach reading here until 1st grade.)

Christine said...

Congrats! It's well deserved. That's wonderful about Jordan. I know what you mean, my girls didn't and won't start school until well on their way to 6 years old, but my son started right at 5.

On your trip back across the big pond, which states are you visiting?

Amazed said...

Heh, congrats on your bloggin' recognition. I think you rock also! Keep taking pictures...I love to see them. (You can even take a picture of the good report card! You get a star on your forehead too!)

Mom not Mum said...

Our trip back to the states will begin in Southern California, then to Tucson, up to Utah/Idaho Falls and then back to California. I'll give more details as it gets closer. LOL

ciara said...

congrats on ur rockin' blogger award! and wow, you are honoring me? lmao @ 'when she does post' i'll post my badge w pride and i'm gonna use the same one, too lol just wait til i post bout dh and how women really ARE the boss ha ha

btw, can i go to so cali w you? i love it there more than here (no. cali) lol

Inga said...

Yeah for you! You really do have a GREAT blog. I really enjoy your posts.

Sounds like you are going to be a travelin' mom. Congratulations!

alisonwonderland said...

hey! i've been so crazed lately that i've neglected making "the rounds" and am just discovering this now (two days late)! congrats to you on the award! it is well deserved! i always enjoy visiting here - and i enjoy your visits to me too!

thanks so much for passing the award on to me! i will appropriately address this honor on my blog tonight or tomorrow - as soon as i'm a little less crazed! :o)

p.s. what's your connection to idaho falls? that's where i spent most of my growing up years.