Tuesday, July 3, 2007

About Me meme

I'm off to the Teapottery today but thought I would post this meme I saw on another blog.

What zodiac sign are you? Aries

Do you regularly read a horoscope? No – but when I was about 10 I was obsessed with horoscopes.

If not, why not? I don’t have time and I don’t “believe” it like I did when I was 10.

Married or single? Married – 14 ½ years – yes since I was 19.

What do you like to do with your spare time? Things like this. LOL Also, reading, watching tv, hanging out with the family.

Is your life worse, better or about the same as you imagined it would be someday? Definitely not worse – sometimes it is just different than I had imagined but it’s all good.

Is your family larger or smaller than you expected? At one time I wanted 5 kids – hubby made me compromise with 3.

What do you collect? Thimbles from all the places I’ve been. I collect snow globes for Jordan. I also have a fairly large Disney Winnie the Pooh beanie collection.

What are three major turning points in your life? Graduating from college, getting married, having children.

What do you think your greatest talents are? I am a great teacher – wow that’s humble isn’t it. Let me clarify I am a great teacher for those that are 18 and under. Right now my specialty is Sunday School.

What do you think your greatest weaknesses are? I am sure that I don’t have any real friends here in England. I have convinced myself that I am not “church friend” material. I also get frustrated with my children a bit to easily.

What books have affected you the most? John Steinbeck’s The Red Pony – this was the first book that made me cry that actually brought reading to life for me. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby – I decided after I read this in 9th grade I was going to name my daughter Jordan and 15 years later I did. I also loved Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible and my list could go on and on. But there – one book from childhood, one from highschool and one I read as an adult – that should suffice.

Are you left- or right- brained? Right

What magazines do you subscribe to, if any? People Magazine and 2 church magazines – The Ensign and The Friend.

What’s playing on your C.D. player right now? Currently on my Ipod was Hannah Montana as I was taking the children to school. Yesterday I had it on shuffle and you name it it was there.

What are some of your accomplishment you’re most proud of? Graduating from college and teaching for 3 years. My oldest son is 10 but so far I can say that I’ve raised some pretty good kids.

What are some things you still want to accomplish? I am in a rut right now and I can’t actually think of what I would like to do. I enjoy staying at home with my children and I hope that I will be able to raise them all in a way that they make the correct choices as they grow up.

What kind of athletic activity do you like? I do not do anything athletic. I attempted skiing this past February in Germany. I made it through the 3 hour ski school class but that was enough for me. As far as my children – we encourage Jackson to play basketball – we are fair weathered sports fans and he is a good ball player. They all enjoyed skiing this last year as well so we will probably continue with that and I can get a lot of reading in during the week. Nothing like a ski lodge and a good book.


Moving Mama said...

OMG - I want to go to the Teapottery today too! The trailer park teapot on their site is awesome! PS/loved the song on your site today - I love James Taylor - he grew up a few minutes from where we live now.

Mom not Mum said...

The woman at the teapottery today said they just sent out a shipment of 100 teapots to America today. They could be coming to a Costco near you. LOL Seriously - costco!

Moving Mama said...

Just tell her to send them on down to NC - there are a bunch of southern ladies who'd love to serve their friends with a trailer park teapot.

Christine said...

I love Costco!! Those teapots are beautiful.

I'm so jealous I would love to have a collection of snoglobes.

It's 114F today, and it's supposed to be 117F....Just thought I'd let you know.

Amazed said...

You did good on the mime. I don't know anyone who is as patient as they should be with the little kids. Don't beat yourself up. With all that noise running around demanding your attention, demanding, demanding, demanding....trust me. They grow up to be nice people that pamper you and love to feed you cherry bon bons and all is forgiven.