Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

#7 Thirteen Things About Me and My Hubby

Me and My Hubby

I was tagged by Are We There Yet to do a meme with 8 things about me and my hubby. Since that was Wednesday and today is Thursday I have decided to turn that meme into a TT.

1. I met my husband when I was 18 – we were married almost 1 year later. I was 19 and he was 22. We’ve been married for 14 ½ year.s

2. We met at the College Formerly Known as Ricks, in Rexburg Idaho. (It is now known as BYU-Idaho.

3. We actually met in our bowling class. Wait, correct that, ADVANCED bowling class. I thought he was a nerd, he stalked me, we became friends and the rest is history.

4. We got married in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. This is where all of his family were married and my parents as well. It was December and it snowed so much we almost didn’t make it to our honeymoon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They basically closed the roads behind us and we were snowed in for the entire 3 days we were in Jackson

5. When we got married we had no money, no jobs, nothing. We opened our first bank account with the money we received as wedding gifts and the bank teller felt so bad she invited us to dinner. We didn’t go.

6. I am originally from Orange County, California – The hubs is from Idaho Falls Idaho.

7. We have lived in Bountiful Utah, Logan Utah, Tucson Arizona and North Yorkshire England.

8. I have a degree in English with an emphasis in secondary education. The hubby has a double Bachelors in Math and Electrical Engineering with a masters in Engineering. All obtained at Utah State University.

9. My husband took 1 year off of school so I could finish and during that time we also bought our first house.

10. After I graduated I taught 7th grade English and Utah History. Three years later hubby graduated and I retired to become a stay at home mom.

11. We had our first child after I graduated from college. We had our last one after HE had graduated. (We only have 3)

12. The year our daughter was born my husband spent more time in England than he did in Arizona. That is why we decided to move the family here.

13. Hubby has one of those jobs that if he told you what he does he would have to kill you. LOL Okay not really kill you. I have a vague idea what he does – but let me refresh your memory that I have a degree in English – he has a degree in Math/Engineering – even if I KNEW what he did I still wouldn’t understand it.


Robin said...

Great list. I love the glimpse into your life. I also nearly did the same list (since Christine tagged me too) but ran out of time and went for something easier.

Happy TT.

mistihollrah said...

Great list-your list gives me an idea. Tomorrow is my anniversary-I might do something like this!

Thanks for sharing!

Jeremy said...

Interesting, and I dropped out of algebra in 9th grade because I saw no practical application for it.

Lived to regret that one since most aspects of my job rely on algebra... oh well

Janine said...

I'm learning so much more about you :) Hey, caught your entry over on another site saying you loved Little House. Aack - I grew up thinking I'd marry Almanzo...he seemed so cute at the time!

Suprina said...

What a wonderful list.

Happy TT!

Makita said...

Great list! Love #13 ... funny. :)

dawn said...

That is a great list and a good idea for the '8 random things meme'. I have been tagged for that one 3 times, and have resisted on the basis I don't want to be tagged for memes. I might do that one of these Thursdays.

You have done a great job establishing yourselves. # 13 is very funny.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Lazy Daisy said...

Great peek into you as a person. Thanks for the insight. Loved your number 13.

Fence said...

I see, girl meets bowling ball. Boy stalks girl. They all live happily ever after. That old romance :)

Happy T13

Christine said...

Very creative idea to make it into a TT!

The more I think about it, this may sound funny, but I've been thinking about a job that would allow me to stay home with the kids during the summer, and I'm considering a teaching job. I've got my certification in Travel, but I loved English Lit. in High School. I think I'll be looking into getting a teaching degree.

Thanks for playing it was fun to find out more about you and your family.

Happy TT!

Lady Rose said...

I really enjoyed your list :)

Joy T. said...

Hey great idea making a meme into a TT. You are so darn smart! :o) Actually I see both you and hubby are smart. I graduated Grade 12. Does that count? I also loved your Moaning Meme below. I was shaking my head up and down to a lot of the moans. Happy TT!

Joy T. said...

Whoops. See. Only Grade 12. Forgot to leave my blog.

Tink said...

Nice to get to know you (and your hubby) a bit more! Great idea, I added it to my TT-ideas list. :-)
Thanks for visiting my full moon TT!

Anonymous said...

Did you marry "one of those guys" too? lol

alisonwonderland said...

fun meme-turned-TT list!

okay, i know that your hubby is several years younger than i am, but since i grew up in Idaho Falls, i just have to know more! let's start with this: which high school did he attend? (mine was Skyline.)

btw i'm also a Ricks alum! (BYU after that.) and i was in the Idaho Falls temple less than two weeks ago for my sister and brother-in-law's sealing. (first time i'd been there.)

Mom not Mum said...

Bonneville. My sister in law went to Skyline. Her name was Nancy Reeder. LOL

ewe are here said...

Great meme - and what a great partnership you two have. :-)

I used to do the Thursday Thirteen pre-Baby Boo... maybe I should pick it up again one of these days.

Amy said...

So... i am guessing this means England cause of work... WOW! from the OC to england!