Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brag About the Girl

Let me just tell you how excited I was when I opened up my baby girl's first end of year report card. There aren't any "grades" on it just comments about each subject and how social she is etc etc. What I was really proud of? Her chronological age is 5 years 4 months. Her literacy age is 6 years 8 months!! I finally have a reader and a good one! My boys struggled with school at the start (okay Jared still does) and most of that is my fault. Seriously whose idea was it to have boys in July and August and then send them to school immediately when they turned 5? Alright before I turn this into a rant or something as I normally do I'm just going to say - HOORAY JORDAN!!!


alisonwonderland said...

i'll add another cheer: "Hooray Jordan!" :)

anything in particular that she is reading right now? my daughters loved the American Girl books when they were just a bit older than Jordan is.

ciara said...

how wonderful your girl is a great reader. my youngest girl took time, but she was in 3rd grade 5mos reading in middle of 2nd grade. funny thing is, she's STILL behind here in cali. damned standards far exceed those than we ever had as a child. i can be grateful that my girls are being educated in cali instead of vegas, the land of overcrowded schools, hs dropout rates, and teachers who don't give a damn cuz their not being paid enough. my 20 yr old is one of those vegas dropouts despite the fact that he is very smart. reads more books than i'll ever read in a lifetime. he just needs to retake the math on the ged. scored high on everything else : /

anyways, i'll stop my complaining lol and BRAVO JORDAN!! :)

ewe are here said...

Ahh, one of my pet peeves over here. There isn't a lot of flexibility about when children start school, whereas in the states, if you think your child isn't ready, you can hold them for an extra year. My boys were born in the spring; hopefully, they'll be ready 'on time' or we may have a fight on our hands.

Glad you're little girl is showing an interest in reading, though! Such an important skill for so many things!