Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Car Park

As I sit banging my head against my steering wheel I have to wonder how some people can be so self centered. We have this woman at school who acts as if she owns the car park. It is a simple process. You either park in the parking lot and walk your children up or if they are old enough you drop them at the roundabout. In the afternoon we all have to park and you either walk up to get your children or they walk down to you. I am always in the walking catergory because of Jordan. The boys are old enough to walk on their own, she is not.

Anyways, where the story begins, 2 weeks ago I went to a Mum's coffee morning with some of the mom's from Jordan's class. I enjoyed a nice hot chocolate and muffin and listened to the regular gossip and complaints. This took place at the local fitness club and somebody asked about the woman outside playing tennis - was she a mom from our school? And then the ranting began about how horrible she was, how inconsiderate and how she wouldn't talk to you if you weren't driving the right kind of car. I said "well I guess I'm out since I just drive a Toyota Picnic." While it is a Toyota we all need to admit any car with the name picnic in it can't be that posh. The main complaint on this woman is her behavior in the car park. She has no problem pulling in and blocking the entire driveway between the 2 carparks so she can chat with a friend. Hmmm, the rest of us would like to drop our children off or pick them up - could you MOVE.

You're wondering what more I could have to add to this post - it's boring enough already, yes I know. So, I see her in the carpark following her usual routine of blocking traffic and I glance at her black SUV. SUV's are very popular here, so if you think all of England is driving tiny little economy cars come to Yorkshire and you'll see how untrue this is. Back to HER SUV. The woman who someone said "wouldn't talk to you if you weren't driving the right car." I take a look at the shiney black car and then I start to giggle. It is a Hyundai! Fine if you drive one, I'm not REALLY knocking it - okay yes I am. It is a Hyundai. In a world of Land Rover's, BMW & Volvo SUV's, and a few Mercedes tossed in for good measure I have to laugh. The car is a Hyundai Tucson - trust me Tucson is not so glamorous as to have a car named after it. I'll stick with my Picnic and truly prove I'm not trying to be anything other than who I am.


Moving Mama said...

Okay (clear throat) - I have decided you cannot be prosecuted for walking up to one of this people and physically pushing them into the car while yelling "Don't you notice the people behind you!!!"

Each time I read "Toyota Picnic" I roar!

Christine said...

I'm sorry I had to laugh at the 'Tucson' comment. It's growing, things are changing, you think they would name a car 'Scottsdale', but I know what you mean. I've been to Tucson, and it is definetly "Old West".

I don't even go into the parking lot to pick up the kids anymore, because of these women with their SUVs. There's a park on the corner, they walk the crosswalk, and we play for 10-15 minutes and then leave.
I'm not as patient as I used to be I would have yelled at the women and said exactly what moving mama, said.

Anonymous said...

Oh how i wish I had the balls to yell at some of these women. Nah, I keep it inside and then write about it.

Yeah, big HAIRY balls.

ciara said...


a toyota picnic? ain't heard of em...do they even make em here in the us? anyways, my tactic would be to honk the damn horn...least that's what we all do here lol the moms w the suvs here do that same thing, whether it's talking, or trying to pick up their kids...they will stop in the middle of the road so that no one behind them can get around and no one parked at the curb can get out. what i find really funny is that most of the moms who have suv's here are really short and can't really drive well as seen by their parking abilities lol

and hey, don't knock the hyundais, k? lol we have an elantra and i plan to get the entourage van next yr...they've been holding up their value quite well, btw. course a tucson in the midst of 50k+ suvs is quite funny. and i bet she thinks her 'u know what' doesn't smell either, right? lol

Elle said...

I bow down to you, queen of "I don't take shit from no one!"

Em said...

After you giggled at her car, did you tell her to move her butt out of your way?!?!

Jen said...

Hahaha! Well, that puts it in perspective, doesn't it?

The other day someone I know was telling me their Acura is in the same class as a Lexus. Um...Acura is made by...Honda, right? It's a decently nice sedan, but its not Lexus.

I shouldnt' be such a car snob, I drive a Dodge. But I don't go around saying (or acting like) its a Bentley.

Misty said...

I still find my self snickering over this story.


Amy said...

hahahahha toyota picnic!! I have to say that in 5 weeks in Surrey, I didn't see almost any SUV's. Your streets are way too small for them!! I am super surprised that they could be popular with the RIDICULOUS gas prices there. My ex had a teeny car... I forget the type. A cleo?