Monday, July 9, 2007

Speech Day

Last Friday was speech day at the kid's school. What is speech day? Good question. LOL It is actually very similar to a graduation ceremony. They focus on the kids who are in Year 6 that are moving up to secondary schools next year. Since it is a small school every single year 6 child leaves the school with some sort of an award. They even can win a Cup/trophy but the funny thing is that they can only keep it for a year. Then the cup has to be engraved (at the winner's expense) with their information and sent back to school to be passed on to the next year's winner.

I almost didn't attend speech day this year. It's usually an hour and a half of speeches by the Board of Governors, the Head Mistress, and a guest speaker. I decided at the last minute to go and I'm glad I did. My Jackson got an award - and I actually had the camera to take a picture. What a good mom I am. He is in year 5 and he received the award for progress. There are 2 awards given to each year 3-6 class, achievement and progress. Achievement is rewarding the top student and progress is for most improved. Woohoo!

The picture is of Jackson receiving his award from Peter J Murray the guest speaker. If you click on the link you will see he is an author of children's books. Jackson has read a few of them so this was pretty cool. (We're inside a marquise that they have to rent because the school doesn't have a large enough room for all of the students and parents. They also use it for the school's summer pta ball but we chose not to attend since the price is 55pounds a person - my hubby and I are NOT spending $200 just to go to a dance with people who don't talk to us. LOL)

Oh - and of course our little American contingent sat together and at the end complained again that they hadn't provided us with the words to God Save the Queen. As tempted as we were to sing My Country Tis of Thee we resisted.


Moving Mama said...

You can always do what we did in college when they sang the school song... We just sang "we don't know the G*& D#@$%$ words" over and over to the tune of the song. Probably wouldn't go over well, but LOL!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jackson for his award!

I sometimes don't know how you manage to deal with those anti-social people!

Amazed said...

I didn't see your email address so I'll just post a note here. I'm glad that you've enjoyed "Amazed"...and I've enjoyed laughing at yours....I especially loved the birthday party at the totally funny- really, it made my day! You're a wonderful, descriptive writer so we got to experience the whole thing! And the school program was amazing! What a wonderful adventure you're having! Before you come home, I'll have you go look up and photograph all my ancestors graves...because, as the mother of 3 kiddo's, I can tell you have nothing better to do! And what's up with the $200 dance? Was that their "all-in-one" fundraiser or did that pay for the alcohol? Well, I'd better close...Monday is my grand-kiddo's day and I just finished a treasure hunt for them. As I was putting all the clues in various places outside, I got stung or bitten by some vicious animal (insect, spider) on my finger and it is swelling and throbbing so I had best find some ice chips. I could be dead in a few minutes but wanted to write you a fan letter first!

Elle said...

Woot Jackson!

ciara said...

lmao @ moving mama's song...wouldn't that have been a hoot to sing. congrats to your son for the award. my girls got some at their school, too, but for some odd reason, the youngest didn't come home w any of her one in her class that was spose to get them got them. i'll have to find out bout that. anyways, $200 to join the anti-social club? no way...can find some here for free lol

Christine said...

Congrats to Jackson! You are a Great MOM!

Singing..."Sweet Land of Liberty..."

I'm with Mama Lee, I wouldn't be able to take Anti-Social people either. Show me where the fun and party is at.

Mom not Mum said...

LOL Thanks for all your comments. We did go to the ball the first year we were here - they sat us at the table in the back next to the door. I won some sort of door prize that ended up being a bottle of wine. lol I don't drink so I had to convince them to let me trade it in.