Sunday, September 9, 2007

High School Meme

Found this meme that I liked- about high school over at Constant Growing Amazement. Since I tend to do meme's on the weekend I figured this was a good one for today.

Who was your best friend?
I had several best friends during highschool. Barbara W. was my first best friend. We did everything together until a boy came between us. Not that a boy means your friendship is over but he really drug her down - with an emphasis on the drug part. Her parents pulled her out of extracurricular activities as punishment for her actions - without realizing that eliminating her reasons for coming to school would cause her to drop out. I googled her name not long ago and actually found her name along with a rock band that appeared to be focused on writing songs about Satan. After Barbara I hung out with Cameo and then Stefani. Both girls that I still keep in contact with. Not on a daily - or even monthly basis - but we do keep eachother informed of our lives.

What kind of car did you drive?
My first car was a 1972 Datsun B110. My brother drove it first but when he went to Ricks it became mine. Since it was actually my Dad's car he would use it against me - if I didn't do well in school or skipped a class now and then he would take the car away. I finally decided I had had enough of that and bought my OWN car. A 1978 Datsun Pickup. It was Red and I drove it for almost 10 years - until I had my 2nd child and I couldn't put 2 carseats in the truck.

It's Friday night. Where were you?
I was in Band so during Football season I was at the game. Throughout the rest of the year just hanging out with friends. We didn't have a particular hang out - we weren't part of the Del Taco crowd. Perhaps because my hair wasn't blond enough or maybe it was the fact I didn't drink? Either way we came up with our own stuff and had a great time.

Were you considered a flirt?
I'm sure I was considered a flirt. I had a lot of boyfriends during highschool. Of course my flirting really came to view at Rick's College- my mom probably should have sent me to a convent instead. LOL

Were you in the band, orchestra, or choir?
I was in band and I played the flute & piccolo. The choir was full of really snotty and not so nice girls. We shared a dressing room with them in the band room and it was always a bit shocking to hear their weekend stories. I'm not a prude but these girls were crass.

Were you a nerd?
Some of you will say that since I was in band I WAS a nerd. Let me tell you this was not true. Even in a group like band there is a division between those who are in band and the nerd hurd. I was not part of the nerd hurd.

Who was your favorite teacher?
I don't think I had a favorite. There was Mr. Sims who would point his finger and shake it at you and his whole head would turn red. Mrs. Sims who wouldn't let you chew gum and insisted you say BeCAUSE instead of becuz. Then there was Mr. Ashby - he taught drivers ed. Wait - it wasn't him that I liked - but I did date his son. He would quiz me about the days assignments when I would call their house before he would let me talk to Dave. And yes, I got an A in drivers ed.

What was your school mascot?
A Tiller. This is the classic mascot picture but we used a better one when I was in school. But really - how exciting can you make a tiller? It seems even more strange now - seeing as the school is smack dab in the middle of Orange County and all that could be tilled is now gone.

Did you go to the Prom?
Yes, I went to my Junior Prom with my boyfriend Pete. The theme was "The Best of Times" - yes from the Styx song. It was really the best of times - at least when it comes to highschool. My Senior year I went to prom with my friend Brendan. Pete and I were still dating off and on and Brendan actually had a girlfriend as well but we decided to go together. Actually, there was a point I didn't have a date and a guy in my English class made up a silly application saying he was going to try to find me a date. Brendan sat behind me in English and must have felt pity on me. We had a great time.

Did you have a job your senior year?
Yes. I started my first job the day after I turned 16. I worked at Souplantation. After that I worked as a file clerk at an insurance company. My senior year I finished school at noon so a group of us-including Brendan-went to Round Table Pizza every single day for a slice of pizza and a coke and then we went to work at our various jobs.

Did you go to school with anyone who is now famous?
Yes. I went to school with Shawn Green he sat next to me in that English class where my prom date application was written.

Did you go on a Senior Trip? I added this one - so yes. When I was a senior our basketball team went to state. The game was in Oakland and Stefani's uncle lived in Oakland so we all convinced our parents that they should let us go. It was Stefani, Lori and I. Stefani's Uncle is actually a priest so we headed off to Oakland to spend the weekend with Father John. I guess the idea of 3 teenage girls scared off the other priests at the rectory so we had Uncle John's apartment to ourselves and he used another room. In my sick sense of humor I have been known to joke that I have in fact slept in a priests bed.

He had plans to take us to San Franciso and said that 2 sister's from his congregation would be going with us. OH MY - how fun can San Francisco be with a priest and 2 nuns? Kate and Maggie showed up before our trip and they got a real kick out of the idea that we had assumed they were nuns when in fact they were SISTERS - as in blood related, biological, sisters. LOL

Have you gone to a class reunion?
No. I didn't really have a lot of friends from my class. Most of my friends were either a year older or a year younger. I suppose I may go to my 20th but that is a few years off still.


Amazed said...

funny story about the nuns and sisters. So, what did you play in the band. Funny about the application. Sounds like that guy was flirting with you!

grace said...

I like this meme and will be posting my answers soon.

It's always good to remember those good old highschool memories. Thanks for sharing yours.

Sniz said...

This brought back great memories! Only the cool kid hang out for us was Grandfather Pizza...I was a cool band kid too and we hung out at the Pizza Hut. LOL!

Janine said...

Isn't it so much fun to Google people that you went to school with???? (Of course, this means they are doing this for you also!) Let's see: I know one of my classmates now does porn. And my college roommate is now a lawyer although she was going to be an actress. And my ex from high school is a lawyer even though I had to beg him to go to junior college (and he dropped out!).... I loved sharing in your memories too. Be sure to go to the 20th - my 10th was a hoot! But, fyi, no one wants to see pictures of kids - - I learned the hard way :)

Head Gaggler said...

I am impressed you remembered so much from your HS days. I don't think my brain works that far back! :)