Monday, September 24, 2007

Facts About My Mother Meme

Tagged: 8 Facts about my mother

Sandier Pastures has tagged me to answer this meme a few days back. I had a pretty busy weekend so here it is....finally.

1. My Mom came from a family of 13 children, she is number 10.

2. My Mom has 6 brothers and 6 sisters - making my Aunt Charlene the tie breaker for the girls - as my mom is girl #6.

3. My Mom was born in Molalla Oregon. Home of the Molalla Buckaroo - I've never been to it.

4. My Mom went to college at what was then OCE, Oregon College of Education. It is now WOSC - Western Oregon State.

5. My Mom was married at 19 in the McMinnville Baptist church - the church my paternal grandmother belonged to for more than 50 years.

6. My Mom had 2 children. One boy and one girl - in that order. She also has 5 grandchildren. Four boys and one girl.

7. My Mom is the only Member of the church in her family. She was baptized in 1979.

8. My Mom worked as a secretary for our local school district for 20 years - working in various elementary and highschools in the are.

I am supposed to tag 8 people but I've gotten pretty bad about that lately so I say - if you want to tell us 8 things about your mom go ahead - let me know so I can come over and read.


Robin said...

One of 13 children, wow. Dinner time must have been something else LOL. I got the same tag from Grace and just answered it myself this morning.

MarmiteToasty said...

Wow - I would of loved to of had 13 kids..... but alas only had 4....

I think after me post back in May on Twaddle about me mum, I should give this tag a miss LMFAO


Katkat said...

I love hearing about other people fams.

ciara said...

i may do this one at a later date...all very interesting. :)

grace said...

13!? The generations before us definitely are braver! To think that there was no epidural during those days!!

Thanks for playing. Great to know a little about your mom.

Christine said...

13!? Wow! Your grandmother must have been a very patient woman, who liked to be BUSY!

It's fun to learn about your mom and your family.

I'll do this soon.