Friday, September 7, 2007

Confessions of a Horrible Daughter

I totally forgot my Dad's birthday. I didn't call, I didn't send a card, not even an email. It was a week ago! I suppose I should go to the store today and see if I can find a belated belated birthday card.

Hmmm maybe I'll make him a homemade one:

Happy Birthday 2 Weeks Ago!
Where did the time go?
Probably off with my brain!


So, you had a birthday?
Obviously, since it wasn't my birthday I didn't care.
Hope it was alright.


I forgot your birthday again.....
but that doesn't mean you can forget about mine.

or maybe a birthday limerick?

There once was a very bad daughter
Who didn't send a card like she ought 'er
So she wrote you this poem
And said that'll show 'em
I'm a very bad poet of fodder.

Or maybe a haiku?

It was your birthday
I forgot to send a card
So here's a poem.

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't work for Hallmark - and with ideas of sending cards like that you KNOW I'm a bad daughter. Do you have any better ideas?


Stomper Girl said...

Definitely send him one of your hand-made cards. I think I like #3 the best. He's probably at the age where you don't really want reminders about how ancient you're getting anyway.

ciara said...

i don't think your a terrible daughter...i did that, too. maybe i didn't forget...i 'accidentally' forgot to remember lol want to hear something worse? aug 16th was steve's bday and all day the tues of that wk i thought it was the 15th. so on weds i wished him a happy bday. he says, 'thanks...but my bday's TOMORROW.' so thurs rolls around, the actual day of his bday, and i FORGET to tell him on my own. he says, "yeah, happy bday to me" after i had said something...tho i can't remember what that was : / lol

Maribeth said...

Yes, the handmade card with the funniest thing you can think of, maybe the entire post inside! LOL
I've done the same thing, so don't feel like you are a bad person.

Jen said...

I second Maribeth. Make one that says, "I couldn't decide which card to get, so here are all of them..."
And draw pictures of cards with the text from each of your ideas.

Inga said...

I love the poetry, very funny!! I missed my dad's bday by 2 day and felt terrible. Good luck!

Christine said...

I'd call him and sing him Happy Birthday, then recite one of your poems. Those are very funny!

Janine said...

Okay, so here's my pitiful story. One year, my mother forgot to call me on my birthday. Seriously. We had all celebrated together the week before, and then the day came, and nadda. I know, we already celebrated...but it *sniff* was sad. So my vote is for this "Didn't you get my gift in the mail? You didn't. Oh, geez. I feel awful. Really, really bad." Insert begging for forgiveness... but I'm biased :)

Amazed said...

Funny cards! i loved the limerick the best. No matter how old you are, you still want people (your kids) to remember your birthday. Send him all the funny stuff. Then send him a heartfelt letter containing all the things you love about him or fun memories you have. That is the best gift. The gift of a good daughter (if you didn't have any guilt, you'd be a bad daughter)

Joy T. said...

All great poems! I looked in my drawer of b'day cards here. I am notorious for sending late b'day wishes so if I see a card apologizing for a late b'day wishes I pick them up. How pathetic is that?? Anyway. One card says "I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I think I'm going through mental pause." Another says "To make sure I remembered your birthday, I marked it on my calendar....Have you seen my calendar?" I had more. But I used them all. Because I am always apologizing for late b'day wishes.

Elween said...

haha...i guess whatever you do, your dad will be happy too! as long as you still remember it...i celebrated my mum's birthday one month later but she was still very touched! :)

Natalie said...

Thanks for the reminder! My dad's b-day is in just a few days! You're not a bad're a mom, you have mommy that as your excuse.

Anna Maria Junus said...

My favorite was the limerick, but I liked the idea of making up a bunch of cards with all of them in it.

Sniz said...

I laughed and laughed at this post. You are talented, girl. You could be a writer for greeting cards! I'd buy 'em.

Nicole said...

awwww! Yeah, I think you should him an array of cards with your funny poems. But remember, we are all humans!