Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Call Me

Oh wait, you can't. You can call me, you can leave a message on my voice mail but I won't ever hear it ring. I can't pick up the phone and call you back either. Nope, can't do any of those things. I know we got a phone call Saturday morning at 8:30 - it was a wrong number. After that nothing. No calls in no calls out. Sunday afternoon I went to make a call and no dial tone. NOTHING. The phone company will be here on Thursday to see what they can do about our problem. Meanwhile we're using cell phones and remotely listening to messages people leave us.

Now I'm off to apply for a job. 12-4 on Thursdays and 8-4 on Fridays working at the testing center for Central Texas College on the base here. I was hoping the job was with the University of Maryland - that way I could take a free class each term - but it isn't. I have to say creating a resume was a challenge. Ten years ago it was full of work experience. Now it is full of volunteer work and skills I think I have. I wonder if I should have put that I manage my own blog that updates people on the details of my everyday life. Do you think that would help?


Anonymous said...

If you need a reference from a former teacher, let me know! LOL

And about the phone - that happened to US a few weeks back. what a pain, but thank goodness for cellphones. Turns out the line was busted near the house. how that happens, I haven't a clue. But they fixed it quickly, so hopefully Thursday comes fast for ya.

Hello? LOL

Christine said...

That just happened to me this morning the cordless just quit and it was fully charged. Thurs. is a while away, I hope they are able to fix it quick for you.

I know what you mean about writing a resume. Good luck with the job.

Robin said...

How frustrating!

(BTW, writing and editing resumes is a large part of my day job, I'd be happy to take a quick look at yours if you like and see if I've got any pointers for you).

grace said...

Goodluck on the job! I hope the phone company comes and fix it quick.