Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where Is My Computer Repairman?

My computer is actually working just fine but we have the entire system hooked up to a battery backup. The battery is no longer able to support the four devices hooked up to it and it has been beeping. Beeping the same way a smoke detector does when it needs a new battery. Beeping, beeping, beeping. I can't turn it off because my internet router is one of those devices hooked up to the back up. It wasn't a constant beeping so it was easy to ignore at times but today it decided to give up the ghost. The beeping has turned in to an alarm sequence of beeping. I finally had to steal a surge protector that I plug my laptop into and transfer everything to it to stop the beeping.

So, you may wonder, did I forget I was supposed to be thankful for something? What does all this beeping have to do with being thankful? Well, my computer repairman will be here tomorrow. He's been gone for almost two weeks and we pick him up at the airport at lunchtime. I'm not ready to do an "I'm thankful for my husband" post so for now I will just say that I am thankful my computer repairman is coming home. And I'm thankful the beeping has stopped.


kellie said...

Beeping drives me nuts, my other pet peeve is a tv on in a room where no one is watching it!

Mindi said...

That would totally drive me crazy! We had a fire alarm doing that the other day. I can't imaging not being able to just change a battery and have it stop! Very impressed that you knew what to do transfer everything. Glad your repairman is coming home:)

Andi said...

I sure miss my "bedtime helper with kids", "reach high things", and "open too tight jars/lids" when he's gone too! ;)