Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cookies & Neighbors

I am not going to turn this in to a "thankful for food" month but for the second day in a row I AM thankful for food.

Today I am thankful for chocolate chip cookies. I loaned a book out to our neighbor, she is 11. Today there was a knock on the door and two girls standing with a container of chocolate chip cookies. I told them to thank their mom, actually saying how incredible she is. Triathlete, cookie baker, what else can she do? The younger sister turned and said "my mom didn't make them - Mandy did." Even better! And let me tell you they were GOOD. I am going to have to ask the secret but they were just the right amount of soft and crisp and the chocolate chips were still gooey!

I love having neighbors close to borrow eggs and cups of milk and to loan out books. Too bad they are not likely to get delicious cookies in return - but with a cookie maker like Mandy they don't need mine.


Andi said...

I think being grateful for food everyday is completely appropriate... Especially cookies.

Maybe I need to loan a book to Mandy too!

Mindi said...

Those cookies sound yummy! Sounds like I need to move into your neighborhood and next to those neighbors. How fun that Mandy made them. I love reading your posts Sandy, even if they are about food....or especially if they are about food:)

kellie said...

Well, today is a pity party day for me, so I am really thankful for the bounteous bowl of cookie dough that i plan to ingest today

Janelle said...

Would Mandy like to borrow any books from me?

Carol said...

Just in case Mandy moves, here's a secret to making "just the right amount of soft and crisp" cookies: when they're just out of the oven, take the spatula and gently tap the tops. It squishes them just enough that there aren't air pockets to dry them out.