Friday, November 19, 2010

The 50's

We had a fun 20 minutes on Thursday night when Jared had his 5th grade music performance. Yes, 20 minutes. Maybe it was a few more than that but not much. Sometimes I'm thankful that they are so short, when Dad walks in during the last song I wish they were a few minutes longer.

Jared had a speaking part and he practiced but up there in front of everyone he stumbled over his words a bit but finally recovered. Either way I think he looked cute up there.

When we were at home getting ready Jackson asked if I knew how to dress Jared because of movies I watched when I was a kid. He's lucky he didn't ask if it was because that is how WE dressed, even though the similarities between the 50's and 80's are too many to number. He sort of looked like my friend Matt when we were in the 8th grade. The truth is, though, it really was from the movies I watched as a kid. My friend Andrea really called it though when she saw his picture and called him Pony Boy. We LOVED the movie The Outsiders.

My parents went out of town once for a few days and Andrea came and stayed at my house with me. I'm not sure why really. My brother went to a friends and Andrea, who was just 5 years older than me came and stayed with me. We both went to school during the day and then after school we watched The Outsiders OVER AND OVER AND OVER. We can still quote lines from the movie. (I think we lived on Lay's potato chips and dip that week too.)

I think Jared made a perfect Pony Boy.


kellie said...

He looks adorable, what a good sport! The number of concerts, and games that Shayne has either missed or caught the last 2 minutes of is way too many to count...

Mindi said...

He did look like Pony Boy! So cute! We read that book in eighth grade and then had a trial about it. Some kids played the greasers, some the Socs and others played the law. I got to be a Socs. Cherry. I remember really liking it. Cute boys too. The performance was definitely short and sweet. I thought Jared did great!!

Sally said...


I ended up on your site because I googled a photo of Pony Boy Curtis. Then I saw the title "Don't call me Mummy!" I laughed cause I say that all the time - constantly, because we are an American family living in London (going on 4 years). I hate 'Mummy' and that all the things the kids produce (I have 4) in school comes home saying Mummy. They are well trained now, however. They all instruct their teachers that is not their mother's name.


Just thought I would share!

Sally Doherty,
(originally California).