Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stock Piling!

I have a friend that I have shopped with a few times. Sometimes at Target she will say that she needs toilet paper. As we stand in front of all the rolls she picks up one package, four rolls, and puts it in her cart. I am always stunned by this and other similar behaviors. If my cousin is going to fix dinner she will go to the store and buy one package of pasta, one can of corn, and one of whatever else she is going to prepare.

My mom is the queen of stocking her pantry. I learned early on that if you need one of something chances are you're probably going to use it more than once and you should buy enough to last a while. I am not sure if my mom has ever run out of shampoo, toilet paper, or green beans.

I can honestly say that I do not have "food storage" in my house. I'm not proud of it but it is what it is. I've often joked that I will have enough toilet paper that I will be able to trade a roll or two for that ground wheat and potato pearls. I'll let you know if it works out in my favor or not. Mostly I just know that I'm glad that I'll have at least a few cans on my shelf and paper products in the cabinet. I'm also thankful that my mom has passed this down to me. Living where I do I'm not sure keeping only four rolls of toilet paper on hand at a time would be a good idea anyway.


kellie said...

Toilet paper is a MUST! I love stuff in bulk, and if I had more room, I would have more stuff!
Being "rich" in my mind means going to Costco, and buying all the food, toilet paper, and detergent that I want...and not worrying about the bill.
Besides, toilet paper fights are pretty fun!

Mindi said...

I do have one of those big cans you get the potato pearls and things in dry packed full of tampons. I can trade them for flour I am sure:)