Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Off The Hook!

Jordan was just invited to a birthday party. They will be riding horses. Actually they will sit on the horses and be lead around by someone else - but for 5 year olds this is riding horses. Jordan is really excited about being able to ride a horse. She did inform me however that I don't actually have to buy her a horse because Grace has a spare one that she is going to let Jordan borrow! Man, how can I be so lucky? Totally off the hook on that one - I mean I was going to start my horse shopping tomorrow - now maybe I'll just buy myself a sweater.


Amazed said...

How weird is this? My Gracie is having a cowgirl party this weekend....

hope Jordan has a ball!

and you survived your first week (two?) of work? Yeah!!!

Kellan said...

Very funny - hope she has fun! See ya.

Jen said..., yeah you will save quite a bit of money on that purchase, even if you go with couture.

Jordan always cracks me up!