Monday, November 12, 2007

Do You Know Why I'm Cute?

Jordan has this shirt that says "If you think I'm cute you should see my Aunt". My sister in law likes to ask Jordan why she is so cute and the correct answer is supposed to be "because my Aunt is cute!" This picture is a few years old but Jordan had gotten herself dressed that morning and had breakfast before I had come downstairs - this look was just too much.

Anyway - we often joke about why she is so cute and no matter what she will ALWAYS say it is because her aunt is cute. It is just not fair! Well, today I said "Jordan why are you such a brat?" I was really hoping she was going to say it was because her Aunt is a brat. Instead I got this: "I'm not a rat I'm a mouse!" WHAT??


Cecily R said...

Kids are so cool. Honestly, I sometimes wish I could bottle their wit and happiness and honesty and add just a little of it to my orange juice in the morning.

What a cute little mouse Jordan is!!!

Christie O. said...

haha! and what a cutie she is!

Jen said...

How funny!

What a doll.

Inga said...

Very cute. I love to ask my two year old why she is such a stinker. She always says "I had no toot."

grace said...

Her ears were still sleeping!