Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is It Naptime?

My friend dropped off her three girls this morning at 6:30 so they could catch a bus for Edinburgh for the day. The bus leaves at 7am and returns at 10pm. At 8:45 I had to load up 5 of the 6 kids in the house and head out to the first day of basketball. The 6th child is missing basketball to go to a lazer tag birthday party - I didn't give hubby the option of not taking him - just told him when to have him where. Should I feel guilty that 2 other families offered to have him tag along with them? No - I shouldn't. It's good for the 2 of them to spend time together. Then we spent 2 hours at basketball, had lunch at Burger King and now - yes it is naptime. However, I only have 1 that naps - the 2 year old. So it is quiet time in the house with 3 5 year olds and 1 8 year old? Should we take bets on how well quiet time is going to go?


Sniz said...

Been there, done that! Naptime is a thing of the not so distant past, but it's amazing how quickly you forget! Hey girl, you've been tagged! Come check it out!

Christine said...

Having an almost five year old myself, I started laughing!! QUIET TIME with (3) of them, would I lose the bet if I said QT lasted less than ten minutes.

That's good for your husband and your son to spend some time together.

Take care.

Dee said...

I enjoyed perusing your blog....Talking about naps I think I need one too!

Inga said...

No, it is not to much to ask for a little husband participation. I know that husbands are busy and need a break. I just think that they need a little push to spend some individual time with their children. They always enjoy it afterwards. :-)

MarmiteToasty said...

Only SIX ;) thats a doddle LMFAO