Friday, August 10, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm

Yesterday's adventure took us to Knott's Berry Farm. Actually a great park for a family with a mixed "height" of children. Not to mention we went to the grocery store and got tickets for $17 off the regular admission. The hubs took Jackson and they rode all of the big roller coasters and my parents and I wandered around with the other two and watched as they conquered all the rides in Camp Snoopy. Jared is tall enough to go on coasters but JUST BARELY and he chooses not to. No big surprise there as he is not that kind of kid. The funny thing was when they got in line to go on one kiddie ride and Jared was actually too tall. Never in his life has he been TOO TALL to do something. 48" while wearing a good pair of tennis shoes will actually get you out of riding the mini scrambler with your sister!

Today we're all exhausted and will probably just stay around home. Maybe a trip in to the park and the pool will be in order but that's about all I can handle so far.


Elle said...

I love berry farms!

Mom not Mum said...

LOL if there were any berries left there - it's a huge amusement park now without a berry in sight.

Inga said...

It sounds like fun. We separate by height too. It works out best. There aren't any berries at your berry farm. LOL

ciara said...

they do still sell their jams or whatever tho! lol i HATE amusement parks, but the rest of the family loves them. when we went there a yr or two ago, husband and two older kids could go on most of the rides, younger one could go on a lot of rides, but not tall enough to ride a cpl w my stepson and older daughter. one year we had our first vacation together to magic mountain...that was my worse vacation ever! i ended up getting really burned, my car died on the way back home to vegas, and i was sick for 2 wks from the heat and stuff. lol

alisonwonderland said...

the last time i was at knott's berry farm was when my oldest, now almost 17, was just one. good memories though.

i'm glad you had fun!

Christine said...

Knott's is becoming the place to go now that Disneyland is soooooo expensive.
I remember how much fun we had there,and they have some great rides and restaurants too.

Glad you are having a fun time.