Saturday, August 25, 2007

4 Things Meme

Moving Mama tagged me to do the 4 Things Meme and since I was looking for something to do today here are my answers:

Four jobs that I have had in my life:

1. File clerk for an insurance company. Let's talk about file folder cuts - the king of all papercut.
2. Cheese packager. Yep - cutting the cheese (haha) and putting it in the plastic that it gets sealed in.
3. Front desk clerk at a hotel. Or maybe it was really a motel.
4. 7th grade English and Utah History teacher.

Four places that I have lived:

1 Oregon - born and raised here until I was 13.
2 Tustin California - lived here until I was 18.
3 Rexburg Idaho - This is where I went to college - Dorm 1 Room 11.
4 Bountiful Utah - Where the hubs and I lived for 6 months when we first got married.

Four countries that I have been to on vacation: I am not counting the UK since I LIVE here now.

1 Mexico
2 Belgium
3 France
4 Germany

Four of my favorite foods:

1 bacon, guacamole, and swiss burger - mmmmm had this last night and I couldn make another one tonight.
2 Icecream - this counts!
3 Tacos
4 A really good salad full of yummy stuff - copied from MM but she's right - mmmmmm.

Four places I would rather be right now:

1 Asleep
2 In the states drinking raspberry lemonade at the cheesecake factory
3 In Italy - I don't know just sounds fun.
4 With friends just having fun.

Four people that I am tagging:
Hmmm I don't know how about you, you and you - oh and you over there.
You, of course, get a pass if you’ve been there, done that with this meme.


Christine said...

Italy sounds like a FUN place to go too.

A very tall glass of ice cold raspberry lemonade does sound very refreshing.

Janine said...

Being a front desk clerk at a hotel/motel must have been really interesting - did you meet any Mr. and Mrs. Smith's?

Mom not Mum said...

I once gave a room key to "mrs Smith" without realizing that "mr smith" was in the room with another woman and "mrs smith" knew it. That was an interesting day. LOL

Anonymous said...

And to think I asked if you had any cheese before I came over. A cheese factory, ya say? Hunh.

I envy your ability to stay at home. After a gazillion years of working, I'd like a freakin' break. And yes, yes, I know being at home with children and caring for a house is



FRIGGA said...

What a fun list!

Hey, I stopped by to let you know I posted the results of last weeks TT13 Song Q's - it's up at

Nicole said...

I used to work the front desk at a hotel in my early 20's. If they would have paid me enough I would have stayed. I LOVED that job!