Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hiking is Fun?

Since Stew is out of town I'm doing double duty with the kids. Today Jared had a hike with the Webelos and the 11 year olds and a parent was "encouraged" to come. Since Jackson also wanted to hike that left Jordan. I suppose I could have put some effort in to finding her some place to hang out for the morning but sometime during the week a little "family hike" sounded like fun. We loaded up the backpack and met everyone at the church. 27 hikers - 25 men/boys - and then me and Jordan. At one point I thought about backing out and one of the dads even gave me the option but nope - we're going to hike. At 2.8 miles I wondered if this was really a good idea. At 4.8 miles I wasn't sure I was actually going to make it as it only got hotter this morning. But .6 miles later we were in the car with the A/C going full blast and headed to McDonalds. Sounds like a successful if we only had the energy to get some chores done. Oh well.

-And that is a picture of a tarantula we came across on our hike. Some boys were disappointed we didn't see any snakes - I was not.

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alisonwonderland said...

Sounds like a successful morning to me!