Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween is Coming!

Amazed is a Halloween junky (actually I'm pretty sure she loves ALL holidays) and has a lot of really fun ideas for Halloween on her blog. Pumpkins and witches and cupcakes. I'm thinking the cupcakes are all just too cute. I decorate a little bit at my house. Mostly stuff that I've made at one relief society activity or another. Some of the stuff I have purchased but not much. I'll admit right here that I'm kind of cheap. My previous shopping partner was probably more frugal than I am so there were years that I would have never bought anything just because I thought it was too cute. Now I tend to wander out in to the world with my neighbor. I should say that a lot of my decorating is done with my mom - but she also does some of the purchasing so it allows me to still be cheap. But now with my neighbor I don't see her buying me stuff for my house but she sure helps me spend my own money. We were at Kirklands Home store and I saw the candy corn/pumpkin girl and we both thought she was really cute. Being the frugal girl I am I went home printed off a coupon and went back a few days later. When I was told that they only had the two on display and they wouldn't get any more halloween stuff I knew she had to come home with me. My only thought now is wondering where she will live after halloween is over.


Christie O. said...

OK i LOVE HER! and ps i just came from Kirklands this morning, I'm not even joking. Thank God I didn't see her or we'd have matching pumpkin girls. She's awesome. She MUST stay out all year.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I can see why you had to have her!

Amazed said...

Candy corn/pumpkin girl is fabulous. I'm proud that a self-admitted cheapskate would understand how DARLING she is. And No, you CAN'T stay out all year. Don't listen to your friend. But she could totally come and hang out at my house. Since you don't know where to put her.


Anonymous said...