Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crazy Mom Life

I'm in the midst of a crazy mom life. Actually I'm in the beginning of 5 weeks of craziness. My husband just left for a 5 week work trip. That's 5 weeks of me being a single mom. I saw a blog the other day where the girl took pictures of all of her activities during a day - I'm not sure my blog has enough room for that some days. Just today my schedule was this:

Leave house at 9am for a 10am allergy appointment for Jared.
Sit in waiting room for 40 minutes.
After 2 1/2 hours at the allergist (including waiting room time) we left at 12:30. This was after Jared was poked and prodded and covered with welts. Apparantly it's easier to say what he ISN'T allergic to than to list those things he is allergic to.
Our next stop was Chuck E Cheese because the boy deserved it and we were all hungry and needed a fun break.
Run home and get Jordan changed for Gymnastics at 4:00
Organize a ride for Jared to scouts at 4:30.
That's where we are now - so at 5 we will be done with gymnastics and head over to pick up Jared from scouts.
We will be home for an hour and a half and Jackson will be off to scouts/mutual at the church. I was just called to give another child a ride because her husband is out of town. I laughed to myself - said I would pick him up - no problem.
At 8:30 I will have to pick up the boys and bring them home again.
Hopefully around 9:30 all kids will be in bed and I can chill for a bit.

Of course that will last for hours longer as my chilling will turn in to late night tv viewing because when the husband is gone it takes me much longer to fall asleep.

And then tomorrow - we can do it all over again. Just substitute the allergy doctor for the orthodontist and one activity for another and I'm sure I'll be just as tired come 9:30.

If you're wondering - the kids are out of school for fall break - they will go back on Monday and then my crazy life will be strictly an afterschool affair. I may just nap all day while they're gone.


Gerb said...

I can't sleep when my husband is gone, either. Here's hoping you get some rest!

Gates Family said...

I can't believe you found me!! I have been looking for you for YEARS!!! We really need to keep in touch better than this.
Yes, I have 6 kids, and we are back in Arizona. Email me... ktgates at msn dot com :) ~Tracy