Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was on my way out to lunch today and to get to the little taco shop I was craving I have to cross two sets of rail road tracks. Normally I don't think anything of it. Three things are usually occuring - traffic is flowing normally, traffic is stopped for a train, or traffic is stopped for a bus. There are two school on the road that crosses the tracks so most often there is a bus there. Today we were stopped for another reason, a truck. A Union Pacific railway worker was maneuvering his truck on to the train tracks to do whatever it is that they do riding on the rails. He was alone and had to hop in and out of his truck a few times to get the wheels on the tracks and get moving. As he drove off down the railroad tracks I had to think that he was REALLY putting his life in the hands of his coworkers. I wonder if he even thinks about it anymore - hoping that somewhere down the line everybody has hit the right switches and a train isn't going to come at him anytime soon.

How many things do we do each day that are completely putting our trust in other people. Heck, even when I drive you should all trust that I'm going to remember what side of the street I'm on, and yes I did have to think about that today after stopping to chat with a neighbor. I have to trust that my children will be taken care of at school, that other people will watch where they are driving, I even have to trust that my house was built correctly and that when I light the stove it isn't going to blow the house up.

I don't really have a huge point to this blog today - just a rambling mostly. And to be thankful I don't drive a truck on train tracks and have to worry about when the next train is coming.

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Amazed said...

If you didn't trust, I think we would be paralyzed. We trust that the purchased food, toys, clothes, house, vehicle...everything we have and use is safe. Experience teaches us what and who we can trust. Trust is an amazing gift, isn't it. Kind of like faith....