Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tag from Amazed.

I saw this over at Amazed and thought I would participate. We need to keep her entertained while she's at home - so here it is. ( I have no idea why my pictures showed up as they did - but I'm sure you can figure them out.)

A Place I Would Like to Visit.

Your Age

Your Indulgences

Your Name


Get It?

What You're Doing Right Now -
Well, obviously I'm blogging but the tv is on and the kids are watching SpongeBob so I guess I am too.

Your Favorite Color -
I don't actually have a favorite color - it depends on my mood. I do love tulips and this fits since they come in all colors.

1 comment:

Amazed said...

Awesome job! I loved it!!! And yum, your indulgences! Amen!