Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy Busy

You know they say when it rains it pours. That's pretty much the way things are here lately. I applied to be a substitute teacher at the school on the base as well as the job at the testing center. Last Thursday I was called to sub in the morning and then I went to the testing center for some training. I felt like I was back in highschool eating a bag of fritos and a coke for lunch. Hmmm wonder if that diet will put me back in a size 4? Probably not.

So, I taught at the school - Algebra 2 which is hilarious because I barely passed basic college algebra. The kids were on their own and it worked out fine. I went from there to 5th grade science. It's a small school so some of the teachers have a VERY big range of classes. 5th grade was a bit more of a challenge. 23 students instead of 6 (the juniors all went on a field trip) and they were wired. It certainly didn't help we had an unexpected assembly to top things off. We managed a bit of class time anyway and things went well, or so I thought.

On Friday I get a message from one of the teachers that shares the room with the teacher I subbed for. She wants to know why I erased a 5th grade child's name from the board for good behavior and that that is "not how things are done here". She did mention that good behavior does not excuse bad behavior from the day before and when I return her call tomorrow I will NOT give her my ideas on that comment. However, the point is that I did NOT erase any child's name. I actually discussed with the kids that even though they wouldn't have detention on Thursday they would when their teacher returned. I taught school for 3 years - I would be the last person to undermine the classroom teacher's discipline procedures and I'm actually offended that she would think I'm that stupid. I'll try to be polite when I call her in the morning but I'm pretty sure I'll decline if her name comes up for needing a sub in the future.


Cecily R said...

I've decided that there are people that look for reasons to be annoyed. Even though I didn't hear the message, it sounds like that is just the kind of person that teacher is. Even if you had erased the name, good grief, get over it and move on! In a million years I wouldn't call a sub about something so lame!

I'm impressed that you didn't just cower in the corner when you taught the math class. I'm pretty sure I emit an "I don't know what I'm doing" vibe that is way too obvious when it comes math!!

Jen said...

Good for you for subbing, its a tough job!

Ditto to what Cecily said about people who look for reasons to be annoyed.

Anonymous said...

Subbing... I think I learned a lot about myself back when I was subbing. My first class was 5th grade, and I remember a sneaker flying by my head. I found character in those couple of years, among other things! I think it made me a better teacher, when I got my own class.

And I'm with you. After teaching a number of years, you know where the boundaries are in another's class. And this chickie perhaps thinks that subs are "below" her. I wouldn't sub for her again, either. I'm sure that there are other teachers who will appreciate you more.

Idiot woman. She could've asked you politely about it instead of ASSUMING that you erased her precious letters. Some people need a head shaping.

YAY trigonometry! LOL