Saturday, December 8, 2007

Week in a glance

Ugh - I haven't been here all week. I've checked in and I've read a few blogs but I just haven't had time to sit down and blog myself. I guess it's just been a busy week. Jackson swam on the school swim team and that was a highlight. They ran races for under 8's, under 9's, under 10's and under 11's. He was an under 11 swimmer. The 8's, 9's and 10's all lost their races overall but the under 11's won!!! I don't want to brag, oh yes I do. The reason they won is because somehow Jackson is a great swimmer. He won ever race he was in giving the under 11's the win. Not enough points to win the meet but we were excited enough.

Jordan is preparing for her school Christmas play, the Grumpy Sheep. She brought home an Angel costume to be washed and sent back to school. I did just that and sent it back and THEN I realized I needed to iron it as well. Had to take it back home so that she isn't the wrinkled angel up on the stage. I'll let you know on Monday how it all went.

Jared the weird is doing just fine. Yes, Jared the Weird - sort of like Gandalph the Grey. As we were walking out to the car from school the other day this boy behind us tells his mom - that's Jared the Weird. Haha. The mom immediately told her son that wasn't nice and Jared says - it's alright I like being Jared the weird. Guess the name fits him then.

Hopefully this coming week won't be as busy but it probably will be. I'll try to come in a bit more.

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Sniz said...

I remember when I used to think being called weird was a compliment. It was also my favorite word to call other people. I think it's a youth thing.