Sunday, October 26, 2008

The House

Having a new house is really cutting in to my personal time. Oh wait, I guess that is my personal time. I've been busy everyday unpacking boxes and finding space for things. I am behind the game because we were all sick when the movers came. Things that normally would have been done immediately are taking time because I slept on a mattress on the floor while the movers brought in all of our boxes. They must have reading issues as well. Because I was asleep I suppose they didn't mind putting boxes marked "Kitchen" in the garage and "garage" items in the dining room. The upside is my kitchen/family room is mostly put together, outside of hanging anything on the walls. I can sit here and feel like I have moved in - but outside of this little space the evidence is clear I still have work to do. Oh and did I mention they didn't bring all of our stuff? We've had things in storage here for 4 years - they didn't bring it so this Wednesday is moving day again. Hopefully this time I won't sleep through it.

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